Working with a Philadelphia Robbery Lawyer

If a person is accused of theft, they may want to consider working with a Philadelphia robbery lawyer because of the severity of the charge. Theft can be defined as the taking of an object from one person by another person with the intent to permanently deprive the lawful owner of it. A theft conviction that meets these criteria could significantly affect a person’s reputation, future, and liberty.

A conviction for a theft could prevent individuals from employment and individuals still face large amounts of restitution – possibly jail time with long periods of supervision. By reaching out to an experienced attorney you could help to strengthen your defense and build your case.

Working with an Attorney

Robbery is considered a felony in both the city of Philadelphia as well as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. An individual accused of robbery may want to consider working with a Philadelphia robbery lawyer to defend their case. Understanding the complex criminal system in Philadelphia and the way mitigation is offered in defending cases is essential, and an experienced attorney may be able to help with that.

Being able to obtain any materials that could be positive for the defense is a skill a talented criminal attorney may be able to do.  Having a local lawyer who may understand the system, the prosecution, the courts and what is needed for a suitable result is a benefit to contacting a Philadelphia criminal attorney.

What Information Should A Person Have Ready for a Criminal Attorney?

When contacting a criminal lawyer about robbery charges, the person may want to provide them with all the necessary information that they have in order to defend their case. Details about the specific time and place where the alleged offense occurred.

Since there are often time constraints protecting video and audio evidence, it is imperative to be working with a Philadelphia robbery lawyer who may be able to gather this information ahead of time.

Crimen Falsi

A charge of theft in Philadelphia carries the negativity of what is known as crimen falsi to a person convicted. Crimen falsi refers to the code that states that the prosecution may present evidence of a former conviction in a trial that had to do with a deception based offense, such as fraud or identity theft.

If an individual has any reason to believe their past offenses may affect their current case, they may want to divulge this information to an attorney.

When to Contact a Philadelphia Criminal Attorney

Individuals who are the subject of a robbery investigation may want to contact an attorney at the earliest possible signs of such an investigation. Having an individual who is likely the target of an investigation make statements early on only may affect their future and the case at hand. Having a skilled attorney representing the individual and answering questions on his or her behalf could help curtail the prosecution’s case at a later time.

Having an attorney advise a person as soon as possible could assure that everything is being done to protect his or her rights. Reach out to a seasoned criminal attorney today to begin building your case.