Building a Philadelphia Robbery Defense

Robbery cases are among the most complex cases in Philadelphia, which means it is essential to have an experienced attorney when facing charges. When building a Philadelphia robbery defense, an accomplished lawyer may use private investigators, audio recordings, video surveillance, police audio and/or video recordings, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. An attorney is going to use whatever resources are available that could help the defendant’s case.

If you are facing charges of robbery, reach out to a seasoned robbery lawyer who has a track record of developing positive defense strategies for defendants. They know what works and what does not work when building a Philadelphia robbery defense.

Importance of Hiring an Attorney With Experience

Someone charged with robbery is facing severe penalties and long-term consequences that could affect their reputation, livelihood, and freedom. This is why it is critical for a defendant to obtain the services of an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorney. An experienced defense lawyer knows the system, how to navigate through the complexities of the Philadelphia courts, and also understands all areas of mitigation that are essential to a viable defense.

Robbery is among the three most serious crimes in the Philadelphia court system, which means these cases should be handled by veteran trial lawyers who could get the best possible outcome for the defendant. In preparation for a trial, an attorney will:

  • Make sure all defenses must be raised
  • Ensure all evidence is obtained
  • Retain the use of investigators and psychiatrists as needed

Gathering Evidence for a Robbery Charge

There are all types of different evidence that a criminal defense attorney may collect when building a Philadelphia robbery defense. While the facts of an individual’s specific case are what dictates the kind of evidence that is involved, usually, audio, video, and fingerprint evidence are among the most used by both the prosecution and the defense.

Also, interviewing witnesses through the use of investigators and measuring locations may come into play. If mitigation is necessary, it could be beneficial for someone charged with robbery to have a social worker, psychiatrist, psychologist, or any other expert who can prepare mitigation reports.

The facts of the case will dictate what specific investigations are necessary. Evidence that may contradict the story of an opposing individual as to why and whether a robbery actually occurred can be explored when developing a proper defense strategy.

Benefits of Working With a Local Lawyer

A local lawyer will have the knowledge of how the complex court system in Philadelphia works. Philadelphia is the sixth largest city in the United States and its criminal justice system is enormous. Therefore, navigating through the system is nearly impossible unless the individual has years of experience and knowledge of these courts.

Hiring a local attorney is essential when building a Philadelphia robbery defense. Robbery is a felony charge and must be taken seriously. Without proper knowledge of the courts, diversion and/or treatment programs, an individual would be represented in an effective manner. A local lawyer knows the system and will know how to fight for you.