Criminal Defense Attorney

Bucks County Federal Drug Defense Strategies

Following a federal drug arrest, it is important to work with a skilled drug attorney that could help an individual determine which Bucks County federal drug defense strategies may work best for them. Capable federal drug attorneys well-versed in the federal system could find a number of ways in order to defend people charged with federal criminal narcotics-type cases.

Particularly, an attorney experienced in the federal system could obtain all of the information necessary to defend someone and make a determination of whether or not any Fourth or Fifth Amendment violations have occurred. Additionally, attorneys can then prepare for motions to suppress evidence and other attempts at mitigating the type of crime that is being charged against the defendant.

Mitigating Charges

Mitigating a person’s involvement and eliminating specific drugs that may have been obtained unlawfully are at the forefront of any proper federal criminal narcotics defense. When cases seem like they may lead to a conviction, cooperation and working with the government in a fashion consistent with getting full credit through an attorney’s representation at mitigation may be the road to follow.

Common Defense Strategies in Federal Cases

Some of the most common Bucks County federal drug defense strategies are similar to those fought every day in local narcotics courts throughout the country. Attorneys, generally, will develop a case and challenge the probable cause or reasonable suspicion for a particular search of a location or a person. Challenging the constitutional grounds of obtaining evidence is first and foremost the best defense in any federal narcotics case.

Additionally, having one’s own investigation done and reviewing any audio or videotape in advance only assures that the right defenses can be put forward. Should a defense not be viable, then cooperation can come into play. Knowing the federal system, understanding what the courts, juries, and prosecutors are looking for, and being able to implement what one has found in a way that is consistent with the best defense is the way to approach a federal narcotics crime.

Constitutional Issues in Federal Drug Cases

One of the Bucks County federal drug defense strategies an attorney could use include constitutional issues in federal drug cases. The most common constitutional issues seen in federal drug cases involve the constitutionality surrounding a particular seizure, that is, a seizure of a person or a particular place. When an individual is stopped by federal authorities, they must have reasonable suspicion and probable cause to make such a stop, search and, obviously, an arrest. Additionally speaking, the search of an individual’s automobile or place of abode or place of business is at the forefront.

Authorities in most cases must obtain search warrants that contain probable cause, often signed by federal magistrates or federal judges prior to a search taking place. Additionally speaking, all the requirements of a search, time, place, location, must also be adhered to. Knowing the rules, applying the rules and deciding whether or not an individual has a viable defense because of constitutional grounds is at the forefront of any federal criminal narcotics defense.

Benefit of Working With a Bucks County Federal Drug Attorney

Working a case for its mitigation purposes and cooperating with the government with an attorney by one’s side assures that everything that can come from cooperation is actually occurring. An individual could get credit, a reduced sentence and, in some ways, even a lack of prosecution against them based upon the information given to the federal authorities and what may lead from that information. If an individual faces a federal drug offense, they should consult a qualified federal drug lawyer that could help a person determine which Bucks County federal drug defense strategies may work best for them.