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Bucks County Federal Drug Investigations

Bucks County federal drug investigations are a serious matter. During a federal drug investigation, federal agencies like the FBI and the DEA might get involved. Furthermore, the consequences of a conviction can be quite dire. If you have been charged with a federal drug offense, consult a capable federal drug lawyer that could help you navigate the investigation process. A qualified attorney could protect your rights and fight in order to ensure that you receive a fair trial.

Process of Investigation

Federal drug cases in Pennsylvania are typically investigated in a manner consistent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and narcotics units available through the federal system. Cases, generally, are voluminous and investigations last anywhere from a three-month period to as long as a five-year period. Federal investigations are very detailed and involve more than just narcotics investigations. Often times, they involve looking into particular businesses, books, whether or not this is an organized crime business and whether or not drugs or other narcotics are being shifted over state lines or, in some cases, between countries. Federal cases involving drugs are very complex. They are not run-of-the-mill drug sales and often are investigated in manners consistent with dealing with, not just grams, but pounds of narcotics, lots of firearms and many kinds of complex criminal actions that often they involve the transfer of money.

Agencies Involved in Drug Investigations

In Bucks County federal drug investigations, the most common agencies involved are the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Additionally, local authorities, local police departments, and federal specialized units come into play. When dealing with narcotics crimes at the federal level, anything between drugs and money laundering can be involved. Additionally, surveillance is of the highest level, thus local agencies are often used to conduct surveillance, wiretaps, video and audio recordings, and anything else that is deemed necessary in prosecuting a federal drug crime.

Common Mistakes During Investigations

Some of the most common mistakes made by individuals involving Bucks County federal drug investigations specifically involve direct contact with agents or direct communications with government agencies such as the DEA or the ATF without proper representation. Individuals will often become part of a scheme, be discovered and then participate with the federal government, not getting any credit unless they are represented by counsel.

Additionally, individuals will often make statements that, at one time or another, are inconsistent with the truth. There are federal crimes involving not telling the truth to a federal agent. Thus, lying to a federal agent in and of itself is a criminal crime. When dealing with federal agencies and federal narcotics crimes specifically, it is essential that a person reaches out to obtain the services of an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. Only then can they be assured that their rights are being protected and everything is being done to make sure, with the client’s cooperation, that receives the most credit for what they are doing in order to mitigate what circumstances they could later face.

How Federal Prosecutors and Judges Treat Federal Drug Cases

First and foremost, federal prosecutors treat most federal crimes in a similar fashion. They are often more complex, white-collar and much more sophisticated types of crimes. Generally speaking, they are crimes that can cross state lines and even country borders. When dealing with drug crimes on the federal level, the federal sentencing guidelines are rather harsh. Prosecutors have the resources and the ability to seek mandatory long periods of incarceration.

While mandatory laws have been taken out of the system when it comes to sentencing, long periods of incarceration and guidelines for sentencing of federal crimes still exist. Additionally, depending on the circumstances and amount of narcotics in a particular case, judges will often follow the federal sentencing guidelines and put together a sentence consistent with the cooperation or crime committed by the individual.

While the federal court does move to eradicate the drug problem in this country, generally speaking, they are run-of-the-mill cases which come and go through the federal system. Thus, federal prosecutors seek cooperation in their federal cases more often than not and federal judges will sentence accordingly, depending upon the level of cooperation and the level of acceptance of responsibility that an individual has shown in order to get a departure from the general sentencing guidelines. If an individual wants to know more about sentencing and the nuances of Bucks County federal drug investigations, they should consult a knowledgeable drug lawyer that could answer their questions and advocate for them.