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Bucks County Federal Drug Penalties

Bucks County federal drug penalties can be daunting to someone facing serious criminal narcotics offenses. Should you be interested in feeling better prepared for your trial process, contact an established federal drug lawyer as soon as possible.

Penalties Associated with Federal Drug Cases

Federal drug cases are dictated by the federal guidelines with a lot of discretion on the part of the federal judges. While federal mandatory sentencing no longer applies, generally speaking, the courts follow guidelines making determinations of the type of sentences an individual faces. In most cases, federal sentences are four to five times that, which would be consistent with the local or Pennsylvania sentencing guidelines. Therefore, because the quantities are higher, conspiracies are larger and the type of drugs involved are more severe, federal sentences are much more extreme than local sentences.

How are Penalties Determined?

In federal drug cases, Bucks County federal drug penalties are determined by the federal sentencing guidelines. Someone’s federal offense gravity is determined and whether or not the individual accepts responsibility or cooperates with the federal government also comes into play. In either case, federal departures, such as lower-level sentencing, can also come into play.

Federal courts use these guidelines in fashioning a sentence appropriate for a particular action. Pre-sentence reports are taken very seriously by the courts and an individual’s background, prior connections, and actual life to date will all be considered when a federal judge determines what an appropriate sentence should be. Recommendations by the US attorney’s office, by the defense and pretrial services are amongst the most commonly used for a court to make a final sentence on a particular case.

What is the Role of Mitigation?

Mitigation is essential by the defense in cases that are heard in federal court. Describing a person’s background, their lack of or their multiple connections to a particular crime, their specific participation in an individual crime as well as any other factors which can be taken into consideration. Pre-sentence will prepare a recommendation for the court specifically on how to deal with a defendant or an accused charged.

An individual’s background, vocation, everything about them, including financial resources, are considered. The level of crime, the type of crime also comes into play. All of these factors are built into the federal sentencing guidelines and any and all departures an individual may get for participating in such. A federal court can make a determination of what, if anything, a person is particularly facing.

Possible Long-Term Implications of Federal Drug Conviction

A federal drug conviction, like a state conviction, is a felony offense. Thus, the long-term Bucks County federal drug penalties can affect an individual’s ability to find employment and be proactive in society. A federal conviction is not something that should be taken lightly at any point. It is the type of conviction that can really change a person’s entire life and limit what, if anything, they can do afterwards. When charged with a federal and/or local narcotics crime, an individual should reach out and obtain the services of a narcotics attorney as early as possible.