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Bucks County Armed Robbery Defense 

When it comes to putting together a Bucks County armed robbery defense, working with an experienced lawyer is imperative in any case that is to increase its likelihood of success. By having the representation of a skilled, local lawyer, a defendant ensures that all possible avenues for the defense will be research and explored.

Relevant Evidence

Specific evidence to be compiled depends upon the facts of a case or allegation. In most cases involving a robbery, such as an armed robbery of a store, audio or videotape is often available, as is street surveillance. Any sort of police chase is also available on video, in addition to physical evidence obtained at the scene or within reach of a particular individual. That is, the person has been identified because of clothing recovered and where was it recovered.

These are the type of evidentiary issues that come into play when building a defense for robbery or armed robbery in Bucks County. Additionally, obtaining evidence before it is taped over and no longer available is essential. It is important to build a strong defense in an armed robbery case.

Building a Defense

Within 24 hours of obtaining the information, an experienced defense attorney must use their office resources and investigators to obtain this evidence and start disputing it from the beginning. Other forms of evidence that can often be used in these types of cases include fingerprints and any sort of weapon or firearm that was recovered.

A firearm can be reviewed and investigated. The use or firing of a firearm can often lead to firearm remnants on the clothing of an individual. Thereofore, a lack of residue may prove helpful in a Bucks County armed robbery defense.

Not recovering a firearm also comes into play. The facts of a defense arise and adapt when particular variations of a case in the allegations come into play.

Negotiating a Charge

Plea deals arise when the right circumstances warrant them. If there is video evidence that can I.D. a person, a plea deal should be looked strongly upon. Additionally, when witnesses are interviewed for the Commonwealth by the defense and those witnesses come across as credible, the chances of an acquittal must be discussed in detail.

Only then can the person feel comfortable in knowing that everything is being done to defend their armed robbery case, and as a result of all the defense evidence, research, has an examination of evidence , decide whether  a plea bargain is the best route to take. One should never consider a plea bargain unless all other avenues have been thoroughly reviewed and researched.

Plea deals come into play only when the defense does its job and spends an incredible amount of time obtaining evidence that can sometimes even hurt the case of the prosecution. Plea deals are between an attorney and their client.

Individuals take pleas for many reasons, sometimes to mitigate their possible sentences, and  other times to accept responsibility for what they have done. In either case, a deal should be looked at in a cautious manner and only after all other avenues have been  exhausted by the defense.

How an Attorney Can Help Mitigate Damages

The consequences of a conviction can be serious and long lasting. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a lawyer with previous experience in these types of cases. In other words, a lawyer who has mounted a successful Bucks County armed robbery defense in the past. Such an attorney will be well equipped to guide and advise you as you decide on the best course of action each step of the way.

Having the right lawyer ensures that every possibility will be explored when it comes to building a Bucks County armed robbery defense. Together, you and your attorney can work to increase the chances of mitigating any possible damages, or even reaching an acquittal.