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Bucks County Armed Robbery Penalties

Having a Bucks County attorney who has the tools, the know-how, and the results in representing individuals in serious felony charges assures that the prosecutors must be on their game, and the bare minimum offer should be provided to the defense as a negotiation tool as a starting point.

Things could always be negotiated lower.  However, having the right starting point can mean the difference between long periods of incarceration and a short period of probation, as a result. If you are being charged with armed robbery, contact a robbery lawyer to know the severity of the Bucks County armed robbery penalties you may face.

Proving Armed Robbery

Armed robbery in Pennsylvania is always considered a felony of the first-degree. Under no circumstance is an armed robbery charge anything less than a felony of the first-degree.

However, armed robbery is  an individual committing a theft with assaultive behavior behind that theft. Some sort of force is used during the commission of theft and if the force used is a firearm, it is the most serious assaultive behavior treated by the courts.

If a person commits assaultive behavior during the commission of a theft and that behavior is linked to the use and/or threat of a firearm, such as gunpoint or robbery of an individual on the street and/or shop owner, in these cases, robberies are treated with the highest degree. The courts can often sentence individuals to sentences that far exceed any reasonable period of incarceration.


The consequences of a conviction for armed robbery in Bucks County are tremendously high. After a judge and/or a jury trial, a person still convicted of committing a theft would be for use of a firearm and assaultive behavior.

The person should expect the sentence that begins at the range of 60 to 120 months incarceration; one that begins at the 5 to 10-year level. More severe cases, those depending on a person’s record and the facts of a particular conviction, can lead to a first, second, or third strike or sentence in the range of 15 to 30 years’ incarceration. Bucks County armed robbery penalties can change the trajectory of someone’s life entirely, potentially leaving someone incarcerated for almost the remainder of their life.

Maximum Penalties

A person charged with robbery can face anywhere between a five to 10-year incarceration sentence to 15 to 30-years, depending on the facts of their particular case.

A person could also face a first, second, or third strike treatment, meaning the person with the wrong record and a conviction for armed robbery felony, being their third felony, could face life in prison without parole.

Preparing a Defense

A Bucks County defense lawyer experienced specifically in defending serious felony cases must start any sort of defense by examining the particular issues and facts of the case being presented. Interviewing  their client, considering which defenses are the most applicable, and immediately subpoenaing and obtaining all physical evidence that is available is the only way to ensure a proper result.

When dealing with serious felony charges such as robberies, it is essential to have the work done as quickly as possible to preserve any sort of defense. Bucks County armed robbery penalties can have life-changing consequences. Therefore, having the right armed robbery lawyer examine the right facts at the earliest possible time is essential.

The success of a case depends on the amount of work an attorney is willing to put into a case. A lawyer can win a case in the first week of preparations or the attorney can lose a case on the first day of preparations. Preserving evidence, developing theories of defense, interviewing witnesses, and having the resources to do this immediately ensures the best possible outcome for the accused charged with robbery or armed robbery.