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Robbery vs. Armed Robbery in Bucks County

In Pennsylvania, armed robbery is different from robbery because there are different consequences and penalties. The element of a weapon changes the charges to armed robbery. Since the individual has a weapon or a person believes that the individual has a weapon, it changes the situation from robbery to armed robbery.

If you are being charged with armed robbery in Bucks County, consult a dedicated armed robbery attorney to begin building your case. A skilled robbery lawyer has the resources to build a strong defense and understands the differences between robbery and armed robbery and how to negotiate.

Qualities of Armed Robbery

Robbery is committing theft and during that commission, force however slight  is exerted by the individual. Armed robbery means the theft is being occurred and the individual or individuals involved are using a firearm. The use of a firearm raises the potential harm and potential threat to the victims, thus raising the potential consequences of a conviction.

Armed robbery is much more severe than general robbery in Bucks County in that armed means that a person either used an actual firearm during the commission of a theft leading to a robbery or some sort of item to simulate a firearm or threat to use of a firearm. Having a firearm makes it armed robbery. However, threatening to blow someone’s head off or kill them with a firearm, even though one is not brandishing, cannot be treated in the same way. It is the threat and/or effect on the alleged victim that the courts look at. For example, if a person approaches another individual from the rear, puts something against their back, and threatens to kill them,  armed robbery comes into play because of the threat of serious bodily injury and/or death to another.

Negotiating Charges

A defense attorney can work in the client’s best interest, do whatever is possible to reduce an armed robbery to a general robbery. The attorney can convince the government and/or court that what happened may be a robbery, but there was no threat to use or any use of any deadly weapon, such as a firearm, during the commission of a robbery and that the victims were incorrect in stating that they  felt a gun or other armed weapon used at the time of commission of a robbery. In those cases, while a person may be in a video committing such as robbery with no firearm, it is in the person’s best interest to work the matter out in a consistent fashion, which does not involve a firearm.

Having a firearm come into play in a robbery can lead to the Pennsylvania sentencing guideline taking over. A sentence of five to 10 years can automatically be changed to a 15 to 30-year incarceration sentence. It is essential that in serious cases such as robberies and armed robberies to have an experienced lawyer who understands the courts, the prosecution, and the police and can advise on how best to pursue the case.

In cases where an offer is being made and it does not involve the firearm, it is essential that an individual takes that into consideration  because it could save them up to 10 years’incarceration should the person be convicted of armed robbery with a firearm.

Contacting an Attorney

At the first sign an individual is being questioned about an armed robbery or investigated under any sort of charge similar to that, a person should immediately reach out and obtain the most experienced Bucks County lawyer to which they had access. Only then can the person be assured that their rights are being protected and any statements made will be made through their attorney and not used against him or her. Also, any defenses that could be raised are being researched thoroughly to preserve them being put forth even before armed robbery charges are brought. It is essential when a person’s life is on the line to have the right lawyer at the right time.

Armed robbery cases throughout Bucks County, once an individual is charged, in most cases those individuals will stay incarcerated until their case is resolved. A person should always, while they have the ability to do so, interview and seek lawyers that have the experience, know-how, and resources to defend their case. Also, having a lawyer at the earliest possible time only will ensure a higher percentage of the right result occurring at the end of the case.

If you have been charged with armed robbery, consult an experienced armed robbery lawyer. Having a dedicated lawyer who understands the differences between robbery and armed robbery in Bucks County, and the local policies regarding armed robbery are essential for building a strong defense.