Chester County Drug Lawyer

In Chester County, like the rest of Pennsylvania, drug crimes are very intimidating because no juror or trier-of-fact judge likes them. Drug crimes are the type of crime that individuals perceive as the cause of other crimes throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Many believe that drugs destroy both families and communities through their sale and use, especially since individuals charged with such crimes often face long jail sentences or time-consuming treatment.

Courts, therefore, handle these cases in a very serious manner. Prosecutors and police spend millions of dollars each year prosecuting drug crimes. For this reason, obtaining the services of a Chester County criminal lawyer, particularly a Chester County drug lawyer, at the earliest possible interval of a case can make a difference in the final result.

Types of Crimes

The specific facts that determine the drug crime charged are incredibly nuanced. On a daily basis in Chester County, there are hundreds of cases involving possession of controlled substances, which are substances subject to Schedule-1, Schedule-2, and Schedule-3 restrictions within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription pills, PCP, and other amphetamines are often the most common seen in Chester County. The possession of such drugs, however, can equate to and be charged as either mere possession, which can be charged as a misdemeanor, or possession with intent to deliver, which is often charged as a felony. The seriousness of drug charges and the way that they are prosecuted make a drug attorney in Chester County a very helpful tool.

Help From a Chester County Drug Attorney

In Chester County, drug offenses such as possession with the intent to deliver and/or mere possession are taken very seriously by law enforcement and the Court. These offenses often have the largest impact on society and can cause many other crimes to occur. Therefore, in Chester County, it is these crimes on which local, state, and federal authorities and prosecutors focus most of their resources. Accordingly, it is also these crimes that judges sentence in the most severe manner, pursuant to the Pennsylvania guidelines.

Although Chester County prosecutors and police spend the most resources prosecuting drug cases, a drug lawyer in Chester County experienced in defending such drug cases can have the ability to defend even the most difficult of cases. Motions to suppress can be filed, experts can be used, and other diversionary programs can be made available for individuals who need drug treatment. Even from the outset, the most severe charges can be defended against.

For Chester County drug cases, knowledge of both the local system and available defenses is the most critical asset for a defense team. Only an experienced Chester County drug attorney can bring such knowledge to the table.