Chester County Drug Charges

Chester County drug charges could result in penalties for a misdemeanor or felony offense. Being charged as a misdemeanor often constitutes the mere possession of a controlled substance. That is a street-level type of drug and/or prescription drug that a person would not otherwise be authorized to possess. Those cases often involve general users of drugs, those who participate in buying a narcotic from a street-level dealer or even a pharmaceutical dealer.

When dealing with more serious drug offenses such as possession with the intent to deliver which is graded as an ungraded felony, depending on the narcotic, a person would face up to 15 years’ incarceration and a $250,000 fine, even for a first offense. Getting an established drug attorney’s advice at the earliest possible time could benefit the outcome of your case.

How Does Criminal Court Treat Those with Substance Abuse Issues

For the accused persons with substance abuse issues, the court tries to remedy the situation by putting the person into programs, getting them treatment in the hopes of trying to turn their life around. These individuals often face lengthy probationary periods as well as a record that cannot later be expunged thereby holding them to drug possession charges for the rest of their life. These crimes can also be diverted into drug treatment programs and/or first-time offender programs if the right application and the right circumstances exist.

If someone is the target of a narcotics case – whether as a seller or an accused seller, an accused buyer, or a co-conspirator in some way – it is essential that he or she reaches out and obtains the services of an experienced narcotics lawyer.

Who is Responsible for Charging Someone With a Drug Crime?

Those who actually charge individuals with such crimes are the district attorney’s office. The police departments and local police departments as well as federal and state agencies put together the case. They do the work, they do the surveillance, they make the arrest and the district attorney’s office decides which charges should be filed. Police have a say in that and the two agencies work together to make sure the charges or least the charges they feel are warranted are filed.

However, a person may have a different opinion on which charges should be filed and so would a narcotics criminal defense attorney so it is important that an attorney gets involved at the outset and helps to attack a criminal complaint even before it is fully put together. This can reduce Chester County drug charges and/or prevent a potential buyer from being charged as a felon which in some cases can lead to significant differences in sentences, outcomes, incarceration as well as probation and fines.

Public Access to Narcotics Arrests

Chester County drug charges are reflected on a person’s record at the time of arrest and that is based upon the fact that a person was arrested for a drug charge and therefore, it immediately appears on their record. The charged will reflect what the gradation is – whether it is a misdemeanor or felony depending on what type of drug charge a person is facing.

The problem with drug charges is that even when a person is simply accused of the charge, an employer is able to locate that even if it is not a conviction. Therefore, the mere fact that a person is arrested can affect that person’s employment, that person’s reputation, and in even in some ways, how society views them.

Even though the term innocent until proven guilty comes into play, individuals who receive an arrest for a narcotics violation are seen as having a drug and/or alcohol problem and/or they are involved in the sale of illegal narcotics. An individual does not want to have their reputation tainted or be known for the arrest.