Treatment of Drug Offenses in Chester County

Chester County law enforcement, as well as prosecutors and/or the courts, focus most directly on the direct sale of narcotics. Having an established narcotics attorney can significantly reduce a person’s exposure to any allegation of narcotics and/or other drug abuses and/or sales. Having a lawyer by your side can help you better prepare for local treatment of drug offenses in Chester County.

What is the Priority of Drug Cases for Chester County Police?

Law enforcement focuses on the sale of street-level narcotics which often are very low in cost which they are most focused on. These are the type of narcotics such as cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and marijuana that often cause individuals to act out of character. Authorities are focused on trying to curve the sale of these drugs from local areas. If these drugs are kept in line and under control, then many of the crimes that would otherwise stem from the use of these drugs will often be curtailed.

Therefore, law enforcement will set up stings and/or surveillance in the most highly drug-related areas and in any particular day hundreds of arrests can be made. Therefore, if an individual is the subject of a drug investigation or the subject of an investigation involved with drugs, if that individual purchases a street-level drug, it is essential that that individual reaches out and obtains the services of an attorney. Only then can a person be assured that their rights are being protected and everything possible is being done to help minimize the otherwise severe consequences that can come from such a conviction.

Defining Local Trends in Drug Crimes

Treatment of drug offenses in Chester County depends on the type of narcotics involved in someone’s case. Controlled substances, whether street level or prescription, are to be controlled in a very stern manner consistent throughout the entire county. However, trends among the local police officers and/or local prosecutors in courts can sometimes focus on one particular drug because of particular consequences.

Street level drugs are the type of drugs where an individual might get high or low for a limited period of time which may otherwise affect their reasoning and cause them to commit more serious crimes. These are the type of crimes that society as a whole and individual counties hope to protect including property values and the citizens’ well-being.

Sentencing Expectations for Narcotics Cases

Should a person be an abuser of drugs and need treatment, their potential treatment can be a method of reducing sentencing for penalties. The courts often take into serious account the type of remedies that a person tries to make in order to aid them in the future such as drug treatment if they are serving drugs and selling drugs to support their habit.

This often will lead to what would otherwise be charged as a felony but can be charged as the mere possessing and using a controlled substance listed as a misdemeanor. These are the type of things that a trained attorney with a narcotics background can work to overcome the burden that would otherwise face an individual charged with possession, with the intent to deliver a felony. Someone who seeks out an attorney at the earliest possible time can put together details that might otherwise help in the overall treatment of drug offenses in Chester County.

These details, such as setting up what would otherwise be called motions to suppress and whether or not a drug was obtained lawfully from a person. This often allows the Commonwealth to either withdraw a case for lack of probable cause and/or reduce charges from the very early stages which can save an individual charge and a conviction for a felony as well as the amount of time and/or penalties that an individual faces.