Chester County Drug Laws

In Chester County Pennsylvania, drug offenses are taken very seriously by the police, prosecutors, and in particular, the courts. Drug cases occur when individuals violate Chester County drug laws. The local community spends millions of dollars on prosecuting these charges while simultaneously trying to prevent drug offenses, and mitigate the impact of drugs on the community. Drug offenses are prosecuted seriously, which is why it is important for individuals who have violated drug laws to take their defense seriously. An accomplished drug lawyer could fight tirelessly to build a solid case for someone, and to protect their rights.

Controlled Substances in Chester County

Chester County drug laws are primarily concerned with the possession, manufacture, and distribution of controlled substances. The type of activity that is monitored on a regular basis involves the sale, use, and possession of Schedule One through Schedule Five narcotics which includes everything from a street-level drug to a prescription drug that is being abused. Controlled substances in Pennsylvania include drugs like cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. Additionally, the possession and distribution of controlled or prescription drugs without a prescription also constitutes a violation of local drug laws.

Officers have specific training and specific units assigned to the drug trade. The narcotics strike force exists in Chester County, in addition to other smaller internal drug agencies which help monitor and police drug activity in the hopes of ending it. Additionally, there are a number of drug treatment programs and other agencies that have evolved throughout the years to deal with the drug issues.

Prosecution of Drug Offenses

The courts, police, and district attorney’s office take a close watch – and even on those cases where medical prescriptions are available for certain prescribed and/or controlled substances. – they are monitored through pharmaceutical records as well as both state and federal agencies. Chester County, in particular, treats anyone who takes over the recommended amount of a particular prescription drug, even if lawfully prescribed to them if the drug is taken in excess of the recommended dosage. Therefore, if an individual has a prescription for Xanax and the prescription is a lawful prescription, however, that individual who takes more than the recommended amount and obviously shows more, that individual is subject to many crimes including knowingly and intentionally possessing a controlled substance and/or driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

Additionally, if a person who was prescribed a pharmaceutical drug gives another person that same drug, they can be charged with possessing with the intent to deliver a felony which carries a maximum sentence of nearly 20 years and $100,000 fine. Therefore, the mere handling of a prescription drug from a person even if they have lawfully obtained the drug and given it to a person who does not hold the lawful prescription to have such drugs can be dubbed with severe consequences.

Value of a Chester County Drug Attorney

If you are the target of a drug investigation in Chester County, it is essential that you reach out and obtain the services of an experienced drug attorney. The violation of Chester County drug laws is taken quite seriously, and a conviction could have long-lasting implications for you. Only then can you be assured that your rights are being protected. Speak with a capable drug lawyer that could fight for you.