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Chester County Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

Credit card fraud involves the crime of theft, receiving stolen property, or forgery combined with an actual credit card. This type of fraud involves the use of another’s information to obtain what would otherwise be a lawful credit card and present such credit card as payment without the authority to do so.

Because credit card fraud involves multiple criminal actions, the penalties for committing credit card can be quite severe. In order to combat any potential penalties you may be facing as a result of credit card fraud, contact a Chester County credit card fraud lawyer immediately. A knowledgeable fraud attorney in Chester County can build a case to help minimize any potential consequences you may be facing.

Elements of the Crime

The act of credit card fraud typically involves the creation of a fraudulent card. In most cases, this is accomplished by a scheming method that uses information obtained illegally. This is normally through some sort of mechanism attached to a lawful mechanism for receiving a credit card, such as a gas pump machine, and then presenting that information to prepare a card which would otherwise be fraudulent.

Credit card fraud occurs the moment that a card is skimmed and copied, and becomes much more difficult to defend when the card is presented for payment without the proper authority to do so. Credit card fraud comes into play when an actual card may be stolen, thereby connecting the crime to theft or receiving stolen property as well.

A credit card fraud conviction can lead to sentences in Chester County as high as three and one-half to seven years’ incarceration, and a $15,000 fine. A Chester County Credit card fraud lawyer can help mitigate the charges against their client.

Definition of Skimming

Under Chester County law, skimming is not a charge in and of itself. Instead, the act of skimming is charged as credit card fraud. Skimming occurs when an individual uses their lawful credit card in a mechanism which has been tampered with. The mechanism such as a credit card reader that someone finds at a gas pump or convenience store is connected to a skimming machine which takes, through electronic transfer, information protected on one’s card and copies it.

At a later time, the card is copied through the skimmed material and many copies are then transferred and produced. These copies are often used to obtain merchandise and make payments and otherwise would be charged to the lawful card owner. Skimming is the most common type of theft or receiving stolen property leading to credit card fraud. Facing these charges with a Chester County Credit card fraud lawyer can give someone the peace of mind they need to pursue their desired outcome.

Skimming is the most common type of theft or receiving stolen property leading to credit card fraud. Facing these charges with a Chester County credit card fraud lawyer can give someone the piece of mind they need to pursue the best possible outcome for their case.

Common Misconceptions

Some of the most common misconceptions about credit card fraud involve the new technology surrounding credit cards. Just because a credit card has a chip, or there is new technology attached to it, does not mean that it cannot be copied. Credit card fraud also involves the use of someone’s credit card without their permission. Credit card fraud also involves the use of someone’s credit card without their permission. Should an individual or family member use another’s credit card and present that credit card for payment without being an authorized user, technically by law, the person is committing credit card fraud.

All of these crimes are generally graded as high as a felony in the third-degree. As such, they can carry a sentence in Chester County between seven and a half to 15-years’ incarceration and a $15,000 fine. Credit card fraud is taken very seriously in Chester County.

Should a person be the subject of an investigation, it is essential that they obtain the services of a qualified Chester County credit card fraud lawyer immediately. Only then can the person be assured that their rights are protected and everything is done so they are in the best position for an acquittal or disposition which avoids any sentence of incarceration or large fines.

Role of a Lawyer

There are many defense strategies a Chester County credit card fraud lawyer can pursue when fighting for their client.  First and foremost, an individual must be unauthorized to use a specific credit card at a given time to be prosecuted for credit card fraud. If an attorney can determine that the person was otherwise authorized, then the crime of credit card theft no longer can lead to a conviction. Additionally, lawyers will look for evidence, such as witnesses and surveillance, which may possibly show that the actual owner of the card was present at the time the card was used.

Under those circumstances, if it can be proved that the allegation that a person stole a card and used it really is not what occurred, perhaps the individual either changed their mind in giving permission to use the card or the individual, knowing and having the card, and is actually trying to commit the fraud themselves by reporting an otherwise lawful purchase as unlawful, the charges may drop.

It is essential, when charged with a credit card fraud case, that you speak with an attorney who can review the details of your case, and can inform you of your options. It is imperative to do this at the earliest possible time. There is a strict time limit on the preservation of evidence so it is not lost. Obtaining an attorney at the earliest time is essential to developing a defense and making sure that your rights are protected.