Evidence in Chester County Fraud Cases

Should you be facing fraud charges, a local and experienced lawyer will be able to listen to the facts and gather evidence in Chester County fraud cases in order to be able to build the strongest defense possible. Navigating the legal system can be intimidating, especially considering that all parties on the other side of the aisle are specially trained to find defendants guilty. Therefore, it makes sense to work with a defense attorney specially trained to ward off an aggressive prosecution.

Collection of Facts

Often, the type of evidence that the prosecution needs to obtain in fraud cases specifically involves documents that are transferred and the forgery or fraudulent activity involving those documents.

In most cases, a fraud case simply means that the Commonwealth must prove certain documents have been prepared in a fraudulent manner, or have been presented for payment in a fraudulent manner. These documents may also include monetary items such as credit cards, debit cards or any other form of payment.

When it comes to gathering evidence in Chester County fraud cases, the prosecution must show that the individual intended to commit a fraud and then actually did so with the intent to deprive the lawful owner of whatever monetary sums or, in some cases, merchandise they were not otherwise authorized to obtain.

Unique Elements Of The Investigation

As far as gathering evidence in Chester County fraud cases, it is important to understand that they require much more scrutiny and resources specifically in dealing with paper-type cases and electronic transfers that normal police departments do not have.

In Pennsylvania, the Office of Attorney General often will take the lead in prosecuting cases involving transactional fraud or document fraud. In these cases, a specialized unit with training and the necessary resources will follow the transactions to determine where they came from and who attempted to commit such fraud.

These units then follow through until they can determine, in their opinion, beyond a reasonable doubt, what, if anything, occurred and who, if anyone, should be held responsible.  Specific units have been set up reaching all the way up to the federal government levels. In the highest of fraud cases – sometimes government fraud, billing fraud, things of that nature -the federal government becomes involved.

These cases are treated even more harshly in the federal court system. In the area, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, is the federal court system that holds all counties together and keeps all individuals charged with fraud accountable.

Common Mistakes

Some of the most common mistakes involving fraud involve the presenting of checks a person may have received in the mail, which they know or should know are fraudulent checks, and then these individuals attempt, assuming or thinking that they are proper checks, to deposit such checks in their own personal accounts.

Most commonly, should they receive a check in the mail, by e-mail or in any other form, an individual must understand that the check must be legitimate and they must have a legitimate reason for receiving such. Otherwise, it is possible that there is some sort of deceit involved, and the check could ultimately be brought up as evidence in Chester County fraud cases.

Merely receiving a check in the mail and then making such a deposit even if the check should clear, if it later is determined that the check is fraud, the person can and will be prosecuted for fraud.

How an Attorney Can Help Fight Charges

Fraud charges can result in serious penalties, both short term and long term, and anyone facing them will benefit from working with an experienced attorney to represent them in court. A skilled lawyer will also be extremely useful when it comes to gathering evidence in Chester County fraud cases. Using the evidence, or fighting to have it suppressed, can lead to the best possible outcome.