Delaware County DUI Without a License Lawyer

A DUI without a license charge, especially if the license is already revoked for prior DUI reasons, makes the offense more serious and carries more jail time.  This is because someone can be charged with a separate offense of driving on a suspended license, and this is a separate charge which can be added on. A DUI without a license offense has a mandatory jail sentence of 30 or 60 or 90 days, depending on how often this person has been charged.

If you have been charged with an unlicensed DUI, contact a Delaware DUI County without a license lawyer as soon as possible. Let an experienced DUI attorney fight for you.

Driving Without a License is an Aggravating Factor to a DUI Case

Driving without a license is an aggravating factor to a DUI charge because the driver is not licensed to be on the road and already might pose a higher risk. This is because they have not gone through all the tests that need to prove that someone is capable of driving.

Driving without a license DUI is a serious offense because the person is already traveling outside of the law even without being impaired. They are already breaking the law by not having a license to operate the vehicle. They enhance this single violation by also driving while intoxicated. To a judge or prosecutor, it may show a disregard for the law and an increased need for punishment as opposed to someone who is a little bit over the limit but otherwise possesses a valid license.

Due to the serious penalties associated with this charge, it is crucial for a defendant to obtain a Delaware County DUI without a license attorney.

Are Unlicensed Driving Charges and DUI Charges Heard at the Same Time?

In Delaware County, driving on a suspended license or without a license offense and a DUI offense will be heard together as joint charges in a magistrate court and then the Court of Common Pleas in Media, Pennsylvania. In other counties such as Philadelphia, these charges might be heard separately: one in traffic court, one in criminal court. However, Delaware County combines these two. The defendant should be aware that they are facing both charges at the same time.

How the Case is Impacted if the Defendant is an Undocumented Immigrant

If someone is an undocumented immigrant in the country, then this case could have specific and more serious consequences for them. Therefore, they should consult a DUI without a license lawyer in Delaware County immediately. Particularly, this case could lead to disqualifying and removable convictions, depending on their prior history. This charge could lead to their removal from the country and it could also make it difficult for them to eventually obtain legal status.

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