Delaware County Out-of-State Driver DUI Lawyer

Many states have a driver’s license interstate compact, which is an agreement between the states to let other states know when there is a vehicle infraction, and this often includes DUIs. An out-of-state driver charged with a DUI in Delaware County could face significant penalties and repercussions in both jurisdictions. A defendant could be looking at expensive fines, possible jail time, probation, and a driver’s license suspension. Also, they could have their auto insurance rates raised.

If you are from out of the state and you received a DUI charge in Delaware County, you should reach out to an accomplished local DUI attorney today. A Delaware County out-of-state driver DUI lawyer could fight for you and help you reach a favorable outcome to your case.

What is the National Driver Registry?

The National Driver Registry is a computer database of information about drivers who have had their licenses revoked or suspended or have been convicted of serious traffic offenses like a DUI. Some state motor vehicle agencies provide the National Driver Registry with the names of individuals who have lost their driver’s licenses. When a person applies for a driver’s license in a new state, the National Driver Registry will be checked to see if the person is eligible or is a problem driver.

One thing to note about Pennsylvania is that it will generally transfer points from one state to another, but if they meet certain conditions, not every single point will go over two different states.

Delaware County DUI Laws Vs. Other Jurisdictions

New York, New Jersey, and Delaware all handle DUIs in ways that are slightly different than Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has a unique structure for its DUI laws. Pennsylvania will look for DUIs in the nearby states before a defendant ever goes to sentencing.

If someone has DUIs in other states within the last ten years, Pennsylvania will do a court reporting network evaluation to try and discover the charges and bring it to the attention of the court, the prosecutors, and the defense attorney in the case for consideration in sentencing.

Contact a out-of-state driver DUI lawyer in Delaware County for more information.

A Delaware County Out-of-State Driver DUI Attorney Could Help

There are many different benefits of obtaining a Delaware County out-of-state DUI lawyer. For one, an attorney could schedule their court dates convenient for travel from faraway locations and keep the defendant informed on any possible continuances of the case so that they do not travel needlessly from another state just to find out their court date has been continued.

Second, keeping this person’s driving record and their need to drive in mind, a Delaware County defense attorney could do everything possible to limit the license suspension that they would face in their home state if they have an out-of-state driver’s license.

In addition, a lawyer could work with the out-of-state driver to make sure that their criminal record is also protected by seeing if they are eligible for programs such as the accelerated rehabilitative disposition or other programs that would not result in a conviction, but instead, have their case be removed from their record at the end of the case.

A Delaware County out-of-state driver DUI attorney will also be experienced building a strong defense and help your case reach a favorable resolution.