Common Criminal Cases in Philadelphia

Assault cases are amongst the most common cases I have seen as a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia because of the number of individuals residing in close proximity to one another. Amongst the most common assault cases are often fights amongst individuals on city streets, in bar settings or under circumstances indicating domestic violence abuse.

Narcotics offenses, because of the existence of so many buyers are also very prevalent in Philadelphia. And driving under the influence is one of the most common offenses charged because of the number of vehicles traveling the roads in the Philadelphia area in any given day.

What Are Some Common Mistakes That  Individuals Charged With Criminal Offenses Make?

The most common mistakes I see individuals charged with criminal offenses making involve not hiring an attorney or and more specifically a knowledgeable criminal attorney to aid at the outset of their case. Hiring such an attorney avoids a client giving an involuntary confession and being arrested for greater charges with greater bail than necessary.

An experienced criminal attorney can take a case from the outset and help his client be in and out of criminal processing in less than a day.

In order to avoid making such a mistake, at the sign of any allegation or possible arrest, an individual should immediately contact an experienced criminal attorney. If that person is unable to do so, a friend or family member should contact such attorney on their behalf.

What Are Some of The First Questions That You Ask a Potential Client During The Initial Intake Process?

I ask my clients some basic details about their charges and most specifically the time and place of the alleged offense. Specific charges often come up and possible defenses come into play even at the outset. It is important to make sure that my clients know I am in their corner and I am here to evaluate their case and even from the outset give them a thorough explanation of how the process is going to work for them. ​

Are There Any Questions That You are Frequently Asked by Potential Clients in Philadelphia?

​I am often asked about how my experience in criminal defense can help them to defend their particular case. Additionally, clients ask me what can be done to protect their rights and what can be done to have their record expunged should the case work out in their favor.

I answer them in a straightforward and thorough manner expressing both legal and common sense defenses that could be used to help their case and their particular situation.

How Do You Answer Them?

​Again, I use my experience to evaluate the facts given to me about their particular case and give them a straightforward answer to any questions that they have and any legal defenses that can be used to help their case.