Pennsylvania Failure to Appear Lawyer

Failing to appear in court as ordered could result in legal penalties, especially when required to appear in court on criminal charges. For example, failing to appear at a preliminary hearing or other criminal proceeding could result in the issuance of a bench warrant for arrest. Rather than facing the potential consequences of failing to appear on your own, let a Pennsylvania failure to appear lawyer assist you.

A lawyer who handles cases of failure to appear understands the law and how to navigate the legal system. A skilled attorney could help you with your case and work to achieve the best outcome possible.

When is a Person Required to Appear?

An individual is required to appear in court any time he or she is required or ordered to do so. A person can be required to appear as a defendant or a witness in a criminal case or as a party or witness in a civil case. Specific court proceedings for which a person must appear when ordered include:

  • Summary cases
  • Preliminary hearings
  • Criminal trial proceedings
  • Civil court proceedings

How an Attorney for Failure to Appear Cases Could Help

An attorney for failure to appear cases in Pennsylvania could provide assistance in several ways. An attorney could answer questions, offer legal advice, and even provide legal representation. Individuals with legal representation have the benefit of a legal professional advocating on their behalf to obtain the best outcome possible.

Failure to Appear Laws and Consequences in Pennsylvania

Not reporting to a scheduled court proceeding, whether criminal or civil, would constitute failure to appear and could result in legal consequences. In some cases, it might also be considered failure to appear when a person does not provide subpoenaed documents to the court, as ordered.

Failing to appear for a civil court proceeding, such as hearings and conferences, could result in the issuance of a bench warrant and charges of contempt of court.

In criminal cases, a defendant is required to report to court for preliminary hearings, summary cases, and criminal trial proceedings. Not reporting for any one of these proceedings would be considered failure to appear and a bench warrant could be issued.

Another potential consequence of failing to appear is that a person could be charged with the offense of “default in required appearance,” which is a punishable offense under Pennsylvania law. In criminal cases, default in required appearance charges would be made in addition to the original charges a person was already facing.

A failure to appear attorney in Pennsylvania could more fully explain the laws regarding failure to appear offenses, as well as the possible consequences.

Work with a Pennsylvania Failure to Appear Attorney Today

It is in your best interest to seek legal guidance if you are facing arrest for failure to appear. If you are arrested on a bench warrant, depending on when the arrest occurred, you could remain in jail for a period of time until a judge is available to review your case.

A Pennsylvania failure to appear lawyer could take action on your behalf, such as attempting to negotiate for you to appear before the judge when requested rather than be taken into custody.

Trying to handle warrants or charges relating to failure to appear on your own can be extremely challenging. Allow an attorney to be your advocate. Contact a Pennsylvania failure to appear attorney for assistance today.