Pennsylvania Appeals Lawyer

It is possible to appeal a court ruling, whether for a criminal conviction, a civil judgment against you, or some other matter. When an appeal is granted, a higher court will review the decision of the lower court that originally ruled in the case. A Pennsylvania appeals lawyer could help you with the appeals process.

The appeals process in Pennsylvania involves filing various forms with the court before appellate review is even granted. A skilled attorney could file the required petitions and paperwork with the appropriate court, as well as advocate for you in court if your appeal is granted.

Process for Appealing a Conviction in Pennsylvania

The general provisions for filing an appeal are outlined in Title 42 of the Pennsylvania statutes. The process for appealing a conviction or other court decision in Pennsylvania begins with filing a petition for permission to appeal or a notice of appeal.

Petitions or notices are filed with an appropriate court, such as a state supreme court, a state superior court, or a state commonwealth court. Upon review of a person’s case, a Pennsylvania appeals lawyer could determine the appropriate court where a petition or notice should be filed.

When an appeal is granted, the appropriate higher court, such as the Pennsylvania supreme court or the Pennsylvania superior court, will review the original court’s ruling and all appellate documents on file, including briefs filed by both the appellant and the prosecution.

The appellate court will issue its own decision based on all available information. An appeals lawyer in Pennsylvania could explain the appellate process in greater detail.

Types of Cases That Could Be Appealed in Pennsylvania

Several types of cases could be appealed in Pennsylvania. In general, the ruling of any lower court could potentially be appealed in a higher court if the petition or request for appeal is granted. It is possible to appeal felony or misdemeanor criminal convictions, civil court decisions, and other court rulings.

When petitioning to appeal a court decision, it is important to demonstrate why the court ruling might be erroneous and should, therefore, be reviewed by a higher court. Possible reasons for requesting appellate review of a court ruling could include one of more of the following:

  • The ruling was based on evidence that should have been inadmissible in court
  • The ruling was based on evidence for which a motion to suppress was filed and denied
  • The evidence presented in court was insufficient to support the charge for which a person was convicted
  • The sentence imposed by the court was excessive for the convicted offense
  • Exculpatory evidence has come to light that could potentially exonerate the appellant
  • There is evidence of prosecutorial misconduct

How an Appeals Attorney Could Help

A Pennsylvania appeals attorney could help a person interested in appealing a conviction or other court ruling in several ways. An attorney for appeals could explain the appellate process and answer questions about it, as well as file all required petitions and documents with the appropriate Pennsylvania court.

An appeals attorney could also advocate for individuals appealing a court decision and fight to help them obtain the best possible outcome in their particular case.

Talk to a Pennsylvania Appeals Lawyer

The process of petitioning for an appeal can be complicated. Additionally, navigating the judicial system is not necessarily any easy undertaking. A lawyer familiar with the appellate process could provide the assistance needed to begin appealing your case.

Let an appeals attorney guide you through the appellate process, while also advocating for you. Contact a Pennsylvania appeals lawyer for assistance today.