Detained or in Philadelphia Police Custody

A criminal lawyer will be able to look at the facts surrounding your arrest and determine that all your rights were protected at every stage of the process. Furthermore, an attorney can advise you on whether or not to talk to investigators so as not to incriminate or hurt yourself in anyway. To make sure your rights are completely protected call today and schedule a free consultation to discuss the circumstances surrounding your case.

When you are detained by police in Philadelphia you have your constitutional right to remain silent on your side. Additionally, you may, and should, request the right to contact your Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer to assist you. At all times it is important that an individual understands that any statements given to police, no matter how harmless they think the answer might be, may be used against them at a later time in a prosecution. The police do not have to tell you the context of their investigation, so any answer to any question can hurt you.

Benefits of Having an Attorney

With an experienced attorney on your side, police are often forced to divulge the reason for their investigation or an attorney may advise a client not to speak a word. As such, even an innocent individual can be fooled into making a statement that is not what occurred but exactly what the police investigator is looking for. This type of scenario makes hiring a criminal defense attorney of utmost importance.

Police Custody and the Right to Remain Silent

Once you are placed in police custody and are “no longer free to leave” the right to remain silent is crucial.  Police may even read you your rights commonly known as your “Miranda warnings” which only strengthens the fact that it is now imperative that you have the representation of an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorney.  Only this type of attorney can navigate you through the Philadelphia Judicial system and work on your behalf to achieve the best result whether it be a plea deal or the complete dismissal of your charges.

It is abundantly clear that if you are ever questioned by police involving an investigation of alleged criminal activity, you should remain silent and call an attorney educated in protecting your rights.