Firm’s Approach to Philadelphia Theft Cases

Theft offenses are taken quite seriously in Philadelphia. The consequences of a conviction can be life-changing in their scope. With so much at stake, it is important that you work with a law firm that has experience handling theft offenses. If you want to know more about our firm’s approach to Philadelphia theft cases, call today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced theft lawyers.

The Burden of Proof in Theft Cases

The Commonwealth has a huge burden of proof when dealing with theft cases. Not every case involves an on-site notice by police that someone is breaking into a location or taking something.

In most theft cases, paper and/or other monetary transactions are done in a way that the government must show are either fraudulent or constitute theft in and of themselves. Thus, the moving parts involve many different investigations and many different complexities that the government will show.

Unique Aspects of This Firm’s Approach to Theft

What makes this firm’s approach to Philadelphia theft cases unique, is that this firm has dealt with theft-related cases for over two decades. We understand that a conviction for theft does more than deal a blow to an individual in a court of law. It can damage their reputation for the rest of their lives. Theft is a crime that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has listed as a crime of crimen falsi. Thus, an individual with a theft conviction must understand that for the rest of their lives, their employment opportunities are limited and their reputations and ability to even testify on their own behalf can be altered in a negative fashion.

Our office understands the other side of a theft conviction. We are adept at more than just mitigating and reducing a sentence and can work to have another charge replace the theft charge or have the theft charged reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. When dealing with cases in which restitution is an issue, Pennsylvania allows a consideration for restitution only and a withdrawal of the case. Certain sections of the crime’s code specifically focus on restitution payments in lieu of a conviction. Additionally, for first and even second offenders, diversionary programs may be available to help individuals avoid a theft conviction.

Our office looks at not just the case but all the possibilities surrounding the case in order to create the best results, under the right set of facts, to aid our client not only today but also in their future.

What a Defense Attorney May Look for During an Initial Interview

When an attorney sits down with a potential client in an interview involving allegations or an arrest for theft, details about specific focuses of the government are necessary in order to defend the individual. The individual must come forward at the earliest possible stage and tell the truth about what happened. They should talk about all other areas that the government may be investigating involving the theft. A theft is often a complex set of facts which must be investigated in a proper fashion before the government can even come forward with a case against the individual.

This means that the complexities could be tapped on many different levels. Sitting down with an attorney and consulting about the arrest and/or investigation of a theft, a person must specifically state the details, including what is alleged to have been stolen, what sort of records the government may have against the person, and what sort of records the person may have to prove the government’s case is false.

All of these details are specific to each individual case. Every case is different, but the process can only start when the charged person is honest with their attorney and puts their trust in their attorney to get the best result in their theft case.

Expectations of Philadelphia Theft Attorneys

A person facing theft charges should expect that the attorneys they hire are not only knowledgeable in the area but understand how the local complexities of the court system also play into a theft charge. Philadelphia is the largest municipality in the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. There are hundreds of judges that hear criminal cases day in and day out, and there are thousands of prosecutors. There are many moving parts to any particular case.

A firm’s approach to Philadelphia theft cases must be partially informed by their experience. Any attorney representing an individual in Philadelphia county must be aware of how the courts function, how the district’s attorney’s office works cases, and how reaching out to and working with the police department may save someone’s life. Having the ability to access these resources and obtain evidence at a moment’s notice is essential.

Benefits of Working with a Philadelphia Theft Attorney

The benefit of our firm’s approach to Philadelphia theft cases is that our attorneys are local. They understand the charges, how the courts deal with the charges both in trial and at sentencing, and they understand how the prosecutors and police charge and investigate these charges. Understanding how the moving parts work and how cases are built against an individual charged with theft ensures that you may have the opportunity to fight the case at many different levels.

Having a lawyer who knows where to start and where to end the case is essential. Pushing the right buttons and investigating in the right areas often can lead to a higher chance of acquittal or more lenient sentences if a conviction does happen. If you have been charged with a theft offense, speak with one of our attorneys today, and know that you are in capable hands.