Role of a Philadelphia Theft Lawyer

If there are any charges against an individual, having an experienced lawyer by their side only raises the chances that the person’s life can be restored and any sort of consequences for the arrest can be mitigated. The role of a Philadelphia theft lawyer is to analyze the case to determine whether or not it should go to trial. Should a case not go to trial, the lawyer works for or towards litigation to protect their record and/or livelihood.

Convictions of theft can prevent individuals from working at particular jobs and/or keeping their current job. Theft is a serious offense and must be handled in a serious manner. Having the right attorney by a person’s side at the beginning of the case can ensure that everything is being completed in order to have an acquittal on the case. If you have been charged with theft, make sure you contact a seasoned lawyer today.

Hiring a Lawyer Immediately

In any criminal charge, an individual should contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. If a person feels that they are being investigated for theft or believe a theft investigation has occurred, then having a lawyer answer questions on their behalf is essential. Anything that the lawyer talks to authorities or investigators about is not used against the client. When a defendant speaks directly to police or investigators, the individual does not know what is being investigated specifically and what the investigator or police is trying to get from them.

Any answer can range from having a person get themselves in trouble to being arrested. It is important to have an attorney present during the earliest stages of an investigation, while individuals often fear that if they get a lawyer, people are going to think they are guilty. People have the right to have a lawyer at all times and that cannot be used against the person. With an attorney by a person’s side dealing directly with police in a theft investigation, a person’s chances of not being charged are much higher.

Lawyer Support

The role of a Philadelphia theft lawyer is to give the defendant support in any and all defenses that can be raised to negate the elements of a theft crime. An attorney can let the defendant know what the investigation involves and how to prevent their participation in any sort of crime during such an investigation. Should the matter not yet be charged or not be indictable, it means the government has made a decision on whether or not to charge the individual with the crime. Early resolution of theft cases can result in no charges being brought. The lawyer is going to give the defendant throughout the theft defense process.

How an Attorney Could Help

An individual charged and/or convicted of theft in Philadelphia should have a lawyer who can help them develop all defenses associated with the crime of theft. In cases where individuals have already been convicted of theft, having a lawyer take a look at the information can often lead to an appeal or verdict that is positive for the individual. It is much more cost effective to have an attorney at the beginning stages of a case. Once the matter is scheduled for trial or once the individual has been convicted of theft, it is much harder to prepare and/or repair a negative verdict. The role of a Philadelphia theft lawyer is essential if someone is wanting the best possible outcome for their case.