Criminal Defense Attorney

When Should You Contact an Attorney in Philadelphia Criminal Cases?

The following are frequently asked questions on when to contact a lawyer in a criminal case in Philadelphia. To learn more schedule a free consultation with a Philadelphia criminal attorney today.

If I Tell An Officer I Want to Speak With An Attorney, Does That Imply Guilt?

​At no time does requesting an attorney imply guilt. The simple answer to this question is absolutely not. A person has a protected constitutional right to remain silent at all times. The government has the burden of proof and a person’s silence can never be used against him in the government’s prosecution. This is important as silence is always the best option before an attorney gets involved.

When Can I Contact An Attorney During The Criminal Process in Philadelphia?

A friend or family member can contact an attorney immediately upon an individual’s arrest. The individual himself or herself can contact an attorney once their arraignment or bail hearing is concluded, usually thirteen hours after their initial arrest.

However, in cases where a detective or police agency attempts to obtain a statement from a client, at any time a client can request an attorney so that the statement will not be taken until an attorney is provided.

Why Should I Contact a Lawyer Before I’m Charged?

​It’s important even before a person is charged because charges could be discussed and reduced, bail conditions and amounts can be worked out and resolved in advance and time, place, and location can be picked before a person is turned in. This prevents police from barging into a person’s home, place of employment, or other location that could potentially embarrass an individual.

With the use of an attorney, arrangements can be made so the least amount of inconvenience is involved in a person’s arrest.

Why Should I Work With a Private Law Office as Opposed to Working With The Public Defendant?

While public defenders work very hard to handle cases in the criminal justice system, the volume is what makes them less effective. A private attorney specializing in criminal defense can give an individual specific attention by examining specific details of their case. They have a much smaller case load so much more time can be devoted to preparing a person’s case.

Personal contact on a daily basis is often extremely important and much easier to occur. And having the same attorney throughout the entire process of a person’s arrest makes it much more viable for the matter to be resolved in a positive fashion.

What Advantages Does a Private Defense Attorney Bring to My Case?

​A private defense attorney with experience in criminal defense can bring many advantages to a criminal case. Some examples include resources, specialized knowledge of the criminal system having the ability a lawyer and client to work one on one to get a case resolved, obviously smaller caseloads play a huge role in this.

Personal contact with an attorney and his or her investigator and direct contact should police attempt further questioning always plays a significant role.