Hiring a Chester County Lawyer

In Chester County, as in the rest of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it is essential that an individual who has been charged with a misdemeanor or felony have an experienced criminal defense attorney working on his or her side as soon as possible. Walking into a courtroom alone can be incredibly intimidating, and can result in severe consequences for those without an attorney. Leaving your case in the hands of the court is never a smart idea, as it is very easy to be taken advantage of by the state as someone who does not know the extent of the law as well as a knowledgeable lawyer. Hiring the right attorney is crucial in keeping yourself properly defended, and with the least amount of penalties possible.

Importance of Contacting an Attorney

Cases can often be managed and/or reconciled at a much lower cost pre-indictment or pre-complaint. Once an experienced attorney gets involved, the attorney has the ability to reach out to local authorities and to the district attorney’s office at Chester County in order to explain the accused’s position and to work to ensure that any criminal element is taken out of the crime.

If the criminal element is taken out of the crime, the matter may possibly be resolved in a civil fashion through the civil courts. A criminal defense attorney can work to increase the chances that something that could otherwise ruin a person’s future can be controlled even before that person’s case is brought before a district court judge, or a court of common pleas to hear the matter.

Implied Guilt

If an individual requests an attorney, at no time can it ever be inferred or implied that he or she is guilty in any way, shape, or form. The United States Constitution and the Pennsylvania Constitution work together to allow an individual to seek the services of an attorney at any time during the criminal process.

Therefore, when a person requests the assistance of an attorney, agents for the government must stop and allow the individual the opportunity to obtain an attorney of his or her choosing or to be appointed an attorney. An individual who seeks out the assistance of an attorney is not allowed to be perceived to be attempting to conceal guilt in a criminal matter. In fact, an individual who does not hire a Chester County criminal defense attorney runs the risk that anything he or she does can and will be used against him or her in the court of law.

Therefore, it is essential than an individual being questioned, investigated, and/or simply mentioned in any sort of criminal complaint or indictment immediately seek out the services of an attorney. Only then can an individual feel that his or her rights are being protected and that his or her case can be won.

Charges & Investigation

When faced with criminal charges in Pennsylvania, an individual should know that the authorities have already begun the complaint process against him or her. Because of this, he or she is being investigated and should be seeking out the services of a Chester County criminal defense attorney at the earliest possible moment. Once an individual is provided with information that an on-going investigation has been initiated, he or she should consider himself or herself a target of the investigation and anticipate an arrest within a short period of time.

Therefore, that individual should meet with an attorney, explain the investigation, and allow the attorney to do his or her job as soon as possible. Only then can the accused position himself or herself such that a pending arrest will not be made, a complaint will not be signed, and criminal proceedings will not begin.