Montgomery County Jails

Everyday many people around in Pennsylvania are arrested an taken to jail. If a person is accused of violating a law, they could be arrested and taken into custody. The Montgomery County Corrections Facility is located on 60 Eagleville Road in Eagleville, PA. That is where people are held pre-trial and post-trial for county sentences. It also offers numerous programs for the people that are retained there. It maintains certain visiting hours for friends and relatives (certain times on certain days) and visitation for their lawyers so they can talk to the people who are in custody.

Following an arrest, it is best to seek help from a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. They could help you understand what happens after you are taken to Montgomery County jails. The attorney could review your case and help you avoid the consequences of a conviction.

What To Expect After An Arrest

When a person is arrested and taken to jail in Montgomery County, they go through general processing:

  • They are given a photo ID number or an inmate number
  • They are fingerprinted
  • They are given cell and block assignments
  • They will be assigned to a certain unit which will supervise them.

While they are there in the Montgomery County jail, they will have limited freedom, limited ability to move around, and limited ability for people to visit them as well.

There will be limits on visiting hours (except for attorneys) and limits on any communications they are able to have with the outside world. It is a very confining experience. Most people want to get out as soon as possible.

How does bond work?

Bond is a monetary amount that is placed on a person as an incentive to make them show up for court. For example, a person is charged with a simple assault, and the judge sets a $10,000 bond. They would then have to pay 10% of the $10,000 to get out of the Montgomery County jail. If they fail to appear in court, then the entire amount might be forfeited, and then they will owe that entire amount. This amount of bond is set, based upon:

  • The type of crime the person is charged with
  • How dangerous the person seems (danger to the community element)
  • Whether the person seems to be a flight risk
  • Do they have local community ties
  • Have they failed to appear for court before
  • Do they have any other reason to believe that the person will flee?

Based on these elements, the amount of bail would be set. That amount can be changed based on the status of the case and motions made by defense counsel.

How an Attorney Could Help

One of the main things someone needs when they are in jail is communication about their case. This is so that they know what is going on, what is coming up for their next court date, and what their attorney is doing while they are incarcerated. Their attorneys can visit them at the jail to keep them updated about their case. They can receive letters, they can receive attorney phone calls, and they can also review the evidence with their attorney in jail.

One thing people who are housed in the Montgomery County Jail should not do is talk on the phone. The phone calls are all recorded and could be played back in court by the prosecutors and used against them as evidence. They should not talk to other people on the phone about their case either. They should wait to meet with their attorney in private and have private, confidential communication. Their attorney can always make motions to have their bail reduced so that they can get out of jail and back to their families so they can fight the case from the streets.

Call today to learn about how a criminal defense attorney could help your case.