Montgomery County Student Defense Lawyer

There are various allegations of wrongdoing that may arise for students who are attending colleges or universities. From administrative student conduct code proceedings to criminal charges, students may encounter potentially serious consequences.

A Montgomery County student defense lawyer may be able to provide legal advice and representation for college students caught in this type of situation. Minor indiscretions during college have the potential to affect the future of college and university students adversely. The outcome of both college disciplinary proceedings and criminal prosecutions can be harsh, depending on the circumstances. With a determined criminal defense lawyer, you may be able to avoid or minimize the impact of these accusations on your life and adequately protect your future.

Common Criminal Cases Involving College Students

College students are young adults and therefore could face any criminal charges that any adult might face. However, there are some criminal charges or allegations of wrongdoing that college students commonly face. These charges may include:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Possession of a fake ID or underage possession of alcohol
  • Disorderly conduct and assault
  • Possession of marijuana or other controlled substances

While some incidents are relatively minor, others are far more serious and could have lasting effects on the ability of students to continue their higher education and pursue their chosen careers. A minor drug conviction may cause employers, graduate schools, and professional licensing agencies to reject individuals in favor of those who have maintained clean criminal records. In this situation, a student defense lawyer in Montgomery County may be able to help students obtain a better outcome in their cases.

College Disciplinary Proceedings in Montgomery County

College conduct code proceedings may arise from a criminal arrest, whether on or off campus or from accusations of violating college and university rules. Hazing, plagiarism, vandalism, and college pranks all may lead to administrative proceedings that could place a black mark on the school records of students and lead to unwanted consequences. As there could be harsh outcomes as a result of student conduct proceedings, having a student defense attorney in Montgomery County to handle any legal issues may be wise.

Among the repercussions of a student conduct code violation are the loss of campus privileges, probation, suspension, and even expulsion in some situations. These penalties may lead to a loss of college credit, ineligibility for scholarships, loss of student housing, and even an inability to continue attending college on an immediate basis. A poor disciplinary record also could lead to the loss of internship opportunities, jobs, and admission to graduate and professional schools. For more information about how a poor disciplinary record could affect a person’s future, it is best to speak to a knowledgeable attorney in Montgomery County.

Criminal Trials and Student Disciplinary Proceedings

Administrative disciplinary proceedings at a college or university are very different from criminal court proceedings and are often unfamiliar to most college students. During these proceedings, students have no right to counsel and do not enjoy the constitutional protections that they have in a criminal court, such as the presumption of innocence. Rather than the state proving that an offense has occurred, students must often affirmatively prove their innocence, which could be difficult.

Likewise, there are no rules of evidence that govern student disciplinary proceedings, which makes all evidence admissible, no matter how unreliable that evidence may be. All too often, this may result in a “he said, she said” situation, in which a witness and the accused student have different stories. This could be highly prejudicial to the ability of a student to prevail in these types of proceedings.

Let a Montgomery County Student Defense Attorney Assist You

Whether you are a local college student or residing in Pennsylvania temporarily as an out-of-state student, you may benefit from the services of experienced legal counsel in your area. Getting legal advice may be one of the most critical steps that you could take to protect your rights and your future.

A Montgomery County student defense lawyer could guide you through both administrative and criminal proceedings. College conduct code proceedings are unique and distinct from criminal court proceedings. As a result, getting legal assistance from counsel skilled in representing college students in each of these settings may be highly beneficial to you. When you are seeking positive results, experienced legal representation can be crucial. Speak to an seasoned attorney today to protect your future.