Montgomery County Juvenile Defense Lawyer

The juvenile court system is designed to rehabilitate rather than punish minors who have broken the law. For this reason, some families forego legal counsel as there is no risk of their child going to prison. However, since harmful consequences may still result from juvenile court proceedings, you should consider obtaining the assistance of a Montgomery County juvenile defense lawyer.

Legal counsel may be able to evaluate the situation and determine the best defense strategy in the case. They also can work toward the resolution that is least detrimental and restrictive for your child. An experienced criminal defense lawyer may be able to help your child stay in your home and still receives the necessary services.

Juvenile Court Proceedings in Montgomery County

The juvenile court system acknowledges that most youths do not fully understand the consequences of their actions and that rehabilitation of youth can be successful. As a result, most offenders who are under the age of 18 will have their cases filed in juvenile court. If the crime is more severe and the teenager already has a criminal record, however, then the prosecuting attorney may file a case directly in adult court.

Whether teens are facing a juvenile court case or criminal charges in adult court, they likely can benefit from legal representation by a juvenile defense attorney in Montgomery County. Legal counsel can fight the filing of charges in adult court against a juvenile. Even if the proceedings begin in juvenile court, a strong legal advocate may be able to resolve a case more favorably.

In juvenile court, there are far many more alternatives available in the disposition of cases than in adult criminal court. Rather than automatically facing prison time, juveniles may be able to serve time in a juvenile detention center, be placed on probation, or remain at home under strict supervision. More importantly, youth are more likely to have access to the services and resources that they need, including counseling, substance abuse treatment, educational assistance, and more.

Consequences of a Conviction

Minors involved in juvenile court proceedings avoid the prospect of being placed in an adult prison or having a permanent criminal record. However, they still can face adverse consequences if the court finds that they committed the criminal offense and adjudicates them as a delinquent child. Some of these unwanted ramifications may include:

  • Confinement in a juvenile detention institution
  • Inability to finish high school on time
  • Ineligibility for military enlistment
  • Higher risk of criminal legal trouble as an adult

A tenacious juvenile defense lawyer in Montgomery County may be able to help you avoid or minimize the risk of these repercussions in appropriate cases. Alternatives to confinement for teenagers may be available, such as terms of probation and continued supervision while remaining in their homes and communities. The goal will be to minimize disruption to the progression of teens in their lives concerning jobs, education, and other vocational experiences.

Focusing on the future in juvenile court proceedings can help children get back on the right track and avoid further involvement with the legal system. With assistance and support, they may be able to direct their efforts toward completing high school and going on to attend college or learn a trade. With someone to advocate on their behalf, juveniles may reach a better outcome in their cases.

Let a Montgomery County Juvenile Defense Attorney Help

While teenagers may not be facing prison time in juvenile court, they still can face an entire range of consequences, many of which can be detrimental to them. By working closely with Montgomery County juvenile defense lawyer, families may be able to help achieve more favorable resolutions to charges in juvenile court. Finding constructive solutions and tailoring sentences to the individual needs of juveniles can help ensure that these youth are in a better position to achieve their goals.

The juvenile court system can give teenagers an additional chance at improving their lives and avoiding the lifelong stigma of a criminal record. Legal counsel can help families devise potential resolutions to the delinquency charges that are designed to best benefit the youth at issue. By standing up for these teens and protecting their rights, legal counsel may be able to ensure that the court and the prosecutor proceed with the best interest of the child in their decisions. Call today to discuss your case.