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Bucks County Domestic Violence Arrests

In Bucks County, upon being contacted by radio call or any other means, the police are required to investigate the matter of domestic violence by interviewing the parties that are available and trying to make a preliminary determination of exactly what is occurred. Domestic violence cases are treated with a larger degree of scrutiny and investigation in order to ascertain whether any parties and/or children are actually at risk. If law enforcement determines there is imminent serious physical injury or death, they will be required to make Bucks County domestic violence arrests.

If law enforcement determines you are a danger to any parties, they may be required to arrest you. It is essential that you contact an attorney right way to begin building a defense case. They can help you through this process. Being arrested has a negative stigma associated with it and it is important that you take control of your case and hire an experienced domestic violence attorney.

Requirements to Make an Arrest

In most cases, when domestic violence is accused and there is substantial evidence of such domestic violence, one or both of the parties may be taken into custody and children may even face placement with the child and youth services programs throughout the county. Additionally, when domestic violence cases are reported and evidence at least at that time is not supported of such an arrest or claim, then the police will often refer the individual to make a private criminal complaint against the other individual so that a court, at least on a temporary basis, can review the facts to determine whether or not a case is valid and whether or not a party needs protection from another individual.

Probable Cause

Probable cause in domestic violence cases in Bucks County is the level of scrutiny that a police and/or agency as well detectives must meet in order to refer the individual to be arrested for such a claim. Probable cause can simply be made out by visual injuries on the parties, visual disturbing images or based on how a location is in disarrays such as a house or apartment; an interview is taken from children or other eye-witnesses present as well as any other evidence that makes out more likely than not that a crime has occurred and more likely than not that the parties are involved in such crime.

When probable cause is met, individuals will be separated and often one or more parties could go through the process of Bucks County domestic violence arrests and be charged with a crime. Probable cause is what the police use as a standard to make an arrest. However, it is not very difficult to meet when dealing with domestic violence cases.

Imminent Serious Physical Injury or Death

By definition, Bucks County defines reasonable fear of imminent danger as any sort of act which can equate and/or lead to imminent harm to a party by another party that is substantiated. That is, should a threat be made and a threat was made in a way to indicate imminent harm upon another individual then the burden has been met. Additionally, when individuals have injuries whether it be a complainant, a defendant or even children or eye witnesses, those injuries are taken into account and a determination is made on whether or not an imminent danger to that individual continues. Courts often refer those matters of domestic violence for protection from abuse orders, stay away orders and often for assault charges in the criminal realm.

Difference from Other Arrests

An arrest involving domestic violence can be the type of arrest that a person well-known in the community can face direct and immediate humiliation and/or jeopardize their livelihood, their liberties to remain free outside of bail, and in most cases their reputation across the board. Domestic violence is taken very seriously by the parties and there is a level of sympathy towards the individual who may be the victim of such domestic violence.

The courts have special programs designed to address domestic violence matters and special units of the district attorney’s office and the police who specialize in dealing with domestic violence matters. When dealing with cases, it is imperative, should a person be accused of domestic violence or even the victim of such, to obtain the services of an experienced Bucks County criminal domestic violence attorney.