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Bucks County Spousal Abuse Lawyer

As defined by Bucks County law, inclusive of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, spousal abuse is one of the domestic abuse charges that comes into play when dealing with specific cases. In particular, an individual charged with spousal abuse will often be charged with a crime of aggravated assault orsimple assault against their husband or wife or ex-husband orex-wife.

These cases often occur simultaneously with domestic court actions, which also are dealt with by the criminal courts and civil courts simultaneously in conjunction with one another. If you have been accused of spousal abuse, consult a domestic violence attorney. This can be a long and complicated process and having a dependable Bucks County spousal abuse lawyer can help you.

Charges for Spousal Abuse

If a person is accused of spousal abuse in Bucks County, an individual should expect the charges of aggravated assault, simple assault or strangulation will be brought against them by the prosecution. Most commonly, a felony of a first degree or misdemeanor of the second degree - that is, simple assault oraggravated assault - are charged on a transcript and the accused is then presented with a complaint and must answer for those charges. Once an individual is charged accordingly, then bail becomes an issue; protection from abuse orders becomes an issue as well as stay-away orders.

A person’s right to obtain and possess firearms or other weapons can be restricted and denied while the process continues. In fact, merely an allegation of domestic abuse can prevent an individual from retaining their license to carry even if previously granted. It is essential  if charged with a crime of domestic violence, spousal abuse, or child abuse that a person reaches out and obtains the services of an experienced Bucks County criminal defense lawyer.

Relationship Between Spousal Abuse and Domestic Violence

The relation between spousal abuse and domestic violence is that spousal abuse is a type of domestic violence and domestic violence is a more general term which encompasses child abuse or spousal abuse. In cases where spousal abuse is at the heart of a criminal prosecution, that is one spouse is considered an actor and one spouse is considered a victim, whether it be husband or wife does not play a role in a determination. Additionally, when a spouse is the accuser of another spouse’s physical abuse, the other individual will often be charged with crimes such as aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment oreven strangulations depending on the facts of a particular case.


An individual accused of spousal abuse often faces criminal charges which can lead to prosecutions under the elements of aggravated assault, graded as a felony, or simple assault, graded as  a misdemeanor. Any other relevant charges can be added depending upon the specific circumstances of an individual and their arrest. Additionally, any other charges which are consistent with the Pennsylvania crimes code can be charged specifically to such a case. When those charges come into play, domestic abuse, spousal abuse, or child abuse all are simply terms which direct the prosecution’s case of assault in a particular fashion.

Consulting Legal Representation

A person accused of spousal abuse should reach out and obtain the services of an experienced Bucks County spousal abuse lawyer who knows the courts, the prosecutors, and the police. It gives an individual charged with such crimes an advantage over those without the knowledge. Additionally, restricting protection from abuse orders and stay-away orders are essential to living in one’s life while the charges go through the system. Not being able to return to a household or obtain clothing, employment, property, anything that a person normally needs to live day by day and pay bills can cause a deafening blow to any real defense.

Having the right  Bucks County spousal abuse lawyer to negotiate the right terms of any bail situation or requirements and conditions of protection from abuse order and stay-away order while charges are pending is essential to the survival of the individual charged with such a crime.