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Bucks County Protective Order Lawyer

When someone wants legal protection against their alleged abuser, they will submit a request to a judge to grant a protective order. Many times in family court matters, or spousal cases, a protective order can have a significant impact on someone’s life. It is critical that the person has legal representation and hires a Bucks County protective order lawyer if they are or could be negotiating with a judge over the terms of the protective order.

If you are facing domestic violence charges and need an attorney it is important to have a local domestic violence lawyer who understands Buck County policies and procedures. A judge can grant a protective order depending on circumstances of the case.

What is a Protective Order?

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, inclusive of the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, individuals who are alleged to have been abused can obtain protective orders against the alleged abusers. These protective orders are called the protection from abuse orders. The orders are heard specifically by  the Court of Common Pleas judges and first, an emergency order hearing is often listed within 48 hours. At that time, an individual making such accusations against another individual has the opportunity to be heard on a temporary basis prior to a formal order in the matter.

Additionally, individuals who are served with a protective order have a right to be heard through by themselves or through counsel. It is essential at all times to have an experienced Bucks County protective order attorney by an individual’s side.

These types of orders can affect an individual’s license to carry, weapons owned, the ability to see their children, as well as have any sort of contact in a specific residence or location throughout Bucks County. A lot can be negotiated and/or ordered by the court which can be inconvenient for an individual who is a subject of a protection from abuse order.

Additionally, a formal protection from an abuse order by the  Court of Common Pleas can be placed into effect 30 days after the initial hearing, that is a formal hearing on the merits is often held within 30 days of filing the protection for abuse order. That is at least for the first 30 days; an individual could be subject to an enormous amount of restrictions in their personal lives to be put at stake. Additionally, family court matters, custody matters, spousal matters can all come into play.

Therefore, when a protective order is filed against a person in Bucks County, it is essential at the earliest stage to obtain the services of a competent attorney in Bucks County.

Vacated or Modified Orders

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania with the aid of an experienced Bucks County protective order lawyer, sanctions can be lifted and orders can be restricted almost at any time. While a final order of court becomes much more difficult to change at a later time, temporary orders can often be revised in a manner and even lead to protective orders being withdrawn or dismissed. The circumstances of each and every case come into play, the negotiation power of all parties in each case come into play and the credibility of parties come into play. Thus, every order is subject to a mini-trial where the individuals will state before the court with evidence their position and what, if anything, had occurred, both giving their testimony and/or defenses and then a Court of Common Pleas arbiter will make a decision as to what actually occurred.

In cases where protection from abuse orders are not founded, those matters can be dismissed by the court as well as the other party filing can agree to withdraw certain protection from abuse orders upon the completion of certain programs and/or changes in the manner in which they deal with the alleged defendants.

Safety Concerns

Any time an accused person stands before the court at a protection from abuse order, that accused will often be subject to a significant amount of restrictions for their livelihood and/or living circumstances that are the subject of the protection from abuse order. Whenever an individual alleges to have been abused in a relationship involving themselves, children, family members, or any other familiar connection between the parties, protection from abuse orders are often granted to protect that individual’s safety concerns, the concerns of their family as well as children and/or other familiar partners outside the relationship.

Hire a Lawyer

When someone is facing domestic violence charges, they may need a knowledgeable Bucks County protective order lawyer. Protection from abuse orders are used by the Court of Common Pleas and the judges specifically to lay certain requirements and restrictions so that future harm will not take place between the parties and should future harm take place, and then the court has criminal contempt proceedings to help enforce and/or cause the individual who is committing the violation to seek a minimum of five months and 29 days’ incarceration per violation.

If you are facing protecting orders, it is important to have legal counsel to determine the best course of action. A domestic violence attorney has the knowledge and resources to examine the case and discuss protective order options with the judge on your behalf.