Bucks County Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Drug conspiracy charges are taken very seriously in Bucks County. In most extreme cases, individuals must understand that the criminal courts and the prosecutor’s office will seek severe penalties when dealing with large amounts of controlled substances.  Since conspiracy charges can have severe consequences and penalties, it is imperative that a person seeks an experienced Bucks County drug conspiracy lawyer right away. A seasoned drug attorney can review any evidence, speak with any witnesses, question the prosecution, and determine the best course of action.

Drug Conspiracy Charges

Drug conspiracy charges are equivalent to those charges which follow most of their crime, like when an individual is in agreement with a particular act and some sort of overt act occurs creating a particular crime. Conspiracy in possession with intent to deliver in narcotics cases generally involved large quantities of narcotics and individual sales by individuals working in a team. That is, for example, an individual serving as a lookout while another individual makes the sale. Additionally, multiple sellers in a particular location selling different items, but sharing proceeds often come into play when dealing with conspiracy cases.

Conspiracies are what they sound like they are. They are more than one person working together to form some sort of agreement and the agreement involves the sale of illegal narcotics. In mere possession cases, that is knowingly and intentionally controlling a controlled substance. Conspiracy has less of a role, thus actual possession and use is required.

When an individual is using narcotics, that individual is often responsible for themselves. However, should the individual take that narcotic and pass it to another individual perhaps for use, that individual is now committing; they are a possessing a narcotic and delivering that narcotic even though there is no economic benefit.

Without that second person, conspiracy does not come into play. However, even a mere passing of a joint is enough to hold the first individual with conspiracy and possession with the intent to deliver.

Potential Penalties

In general, there is a wide range of potential penalties someone can face if they are convicted of a drug conspiracy. Since penalties can be harsh, it is important a person consult a Bucks County drug conspiracy lawyer. Possession with the intent to deliver, depending on the controlled substance, carries a sentence for a first offense of as much as five to 10 years of incarceration and $100,000 financial fund.

Oftentimes, a reduction in a number of drugs can be had through suppression motions or arguments at trial as well as negotiations between the parties. Additionally, penalties can start at incarceration and go as far down as diversionary programs that do not allow the individuals to even have a record if successfully completed. Anywhere in between is a fair sentence when dealing with narcotics cases. As narcotics cases make the local news and more and more of crises begin, especially opiate crises, the courts look more harshly upon the results of narcotics in society.

When those narcotics become a major concern, sentences often arise. Knowing the proper playing field and the way local courts deal with specific narcotics assures that an individual charged with a crime in Bucks County has the right defense.

Benefits of a Lawyer

Having an experienced Bucks County drug conspiracy lawyer by a person’s side allows them the opportunity as the accused to avoid possible incarceration and seek treatment and rehabilitation as a mean of making up for a particular crime.

Additionally, when severe cases come to light, motion to suppress in constitutional issues at the foremost. In these cases, sentences can be negotiated all the way down to probation. Thus, generally, narcotics cases carry large incarceration sentences. However, these sentences can be severely mitigated under the right circumstances with the right representation.