Treatment of Bucks County Drug Charges

Having an experienced Bucks County drug lawyer by a person’s side at the earliest possible stages of a person’s case can ensure that everything is being done to protect their interests and to prevent a costly conviction upon their record. Since the treatment of Bucks County drug charges in courts is taken very seriously, having a lawyer at the earliest stages can ensure that an individual even charged with a felony delivery charge can be reviewed for all treatment court programs, and mitigation can be gained at the very outset.

Additionally, having a skilled drug lawyer by a person’s side ensures that all actions that were taken by the police were done so in a proper, constitutional fashion. A lawyer has the ability, with the right resources and experience, to challenge searches of an individual’s person, vehicle, or even home. They can ensure that their client is treated fairly and their legal rights are protected.

Drug Charges Treated in Court

Drug crimes by definition are treated in a very harsh manner throughout the entirety of Bucks County and, for the most part, the entirety of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Crimes involving narcotics often, at least in the courts’ view, lead to social problems as well as other crimes that are more serious.

Bucks County is leading the race when it comes to rehabilitating individuals through drug courts, DUI treatment courts, and other types of counseling that can lend a hand in helping those who have addictions to these types of drugs. However, when dealing with the transfer, manufacture, or sale of such drugs, that is a dealer-level type of circumstance and Bucks County would see fit to impose, in many cases, the most severe punishment.

Unlawful Search and Seizures

Under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article, I Section 8 of the Pennsylvania constitution, an individual has a constitutional right against unlawful searches and seizures. In this way, drug cases can be resolved in a matter that often will help exculpate an individual charged with the drug crime.

If the search was illegal, then the evidence obtained by thesearch is also excluded, thus saving the individual any sort of conviction. A conviction can often be based on the treatment of Bucks County drug charges. This avenue is only taken by the most experienced drug lawyers in Bucks County.

Local Laws

The only local laws that come into play in Bucks County involving drug cases are local laws that are established in particular and individualized drug treatment court. Diversionary courts can be set up by individual counties within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in a manner that is consistent with their county. Bucks County has an original drug treatment program, DUI treatment program, Section 17 drug program, as well as dispositions that can be had under the right circumstances. In order to take advantage of these diversionary programs and these local rules, an individual should obtain the services of a Bucks County drug lawyer in order to raise the chances of an acquittal or even a success in mitigating a particular drug case.