Bucks County Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

In Bucks County, the law involving narcotics is governed by the Controlled Substance Act of the State and/or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. However, simultaneously, the federal government also plays a role in prosecutions throughout all states in the United States of America and areas and territories. As a result, a lot is at stake for those who have been charged with manufacturing drugs.

If you have been charged with drug manufacturing, seek the services of a qualified drug attorney. A skilled Bucks County drug manufacturing lawyer can attempt to build a solid defense for you.

Laws Regulating Drug Manufacturing

Drug manufacturing charges in Pennsylvania generally inclusive of Bucks County fall under the Pennsylvania Controlled Substance Act. All illegal scheduled narcotics and even most prescription and controlled narcotics fall under one of six schedules available in Pennsylvania, all six being illegal either because the controlled substance is a substance that is not legal in and of itself such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin, ecstasy or the substance is a controlled substance such as prescription medication but is being used in or sold to an individual who is not otherwise authorized to have it.

When the United States government gets involved, codes involving federal guidelines come into play. Certain drugs are treated differently and certain quantities of drugs are treated in a more severe or less fashion. Additionally, when dealing with federal narcotics trafficking charges, these charges that will often be heard in federal courts, either the middle, central or other districts of the federal courts in Pennsylvania.

How Bucks County Police Handle Charges?

The law enforcement in Bucks County directs a majority of their resources to investigate not buyers but manufacturers and/or sellers of narcotics. By controlling the flow of narcotics that come into Bucks County, authorities are able to limit the amount of users and other petty crimes they feel are associated or related to drug use. Most resources, whether they be surveillance teams, undercover units, the use of drug dogs, surveillance equipment, undercover vehicles, are focused on locating the source and/or manufacturing points or stash points of illegal narcotics.

Differences Between Local and Federal Drug Charges

Once charges are moved from local courts to federal courts, sentences, evidence that is obtained and the amount of resources are significantly increased. Additionally, having an experienced Bucks County drug manufacturing lawyer in federal court in Philadelphia only assures that an individual who is charged with a trafficking and/or narcotics crime is being given every opportunity to do everything in their power to better the results of their case.

Federal charges are much more severe, with greater consequences and a much greater chance of both prosecution and conviction. Defending a federal criminal crime such as narcotics trafficking, even should the matter occur in Bucks County, will be aligned with fighting a case in the Eastern District of Philadelphia or the Middle District of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

In some instances, despite a drug being legal locally (like marijuana) a person can still face federal charges for manufacturing that drug. An individual who is in possession or possesses such amount of marijuana with the intent to deliver can be charged both locally and federally with no distinction in between. Until laws are changed to permit the use of marijuana, laws are consistent on a federal and/or state level with the prohibition of any sort of marijuana use, possession and, obviously, growth or distribution.

Value of a Bucks County Drug Manufacturing Attorney

If you have been charged with manufacturing drugs, it is important that you consult an experienced drug attorney. Penalties for drug manufacturing can be severe, especially if you are being charged in federal court. The consequences of a drug manufacturing conviction can follow you around, limiting your freedoms and your access to certain resources. A Bucks County drug manufacturing lawyer understands what is at risk, and can work tirelessly to build your case.