Pennsylvania Parole Violations Lawyer

Obtaining an early release from prison can be highly beneficial for individuals who are ready to start over and make a new life for themselves. However, individuals on parole are subject to various terms and conditions with which they must comply or potentially face a return to incarceration.

If a parole officer accuses you or a loved one of a parole violation, you may wish to get the advice of a Pennsylvania parole violations lawyer.

The consequences of a parole violation can be harsh and prevent you from moving on with your life. A single mistake or technical parole violation should not cancel out the progress that you have made since being released.

A skilled criminal defense lawyer may advocate on your behalf at any parole violation hearings and work toward a more favorable resolution in your case.

Conditions of Parole

When individuals serve time in prison as a sentence for a crime, they may be able to obtain early release from prison in some cases with the approval of a parole board of prison officials. If the individuals do obtain early release, they are subject to specific terms and conditions while on parole. Individuals who violate the terms of their parole can face serious consequences, including a term of incarceration in appropriate cases.

Once individuals gain release on parole, they are under the supervision of a local parole office. Parolees typically must stay within a specific geographical area for ease of supervision while on parole, unless their parole officers permit them to travel outside that area. They also must check in regularly with their parole officers, keep scheduled appointments, and advise them of any changes in address or place of employment.

While every parolee has different conditions of parole, some are common to most parolees, including the following:

  • Refrain from using drugs and submit to random drug tests
  • Maintain employment
  • Make regular payments toward court-ordered fines, fees, and restitution
  • Enroll in substance abuse programs or counseling as needed

If individuals on parole violate any of these conditions, they not only can face new criminal charges, but they also can suffer the consequences for violating their parole. For parolees in this situation, a parole violations lawyer in Pennsylvania may be able to help.

Violating Parole in Pennsylvania

When parolees violate the conditions of their parole, their parole officers either can issue them a warning or send the violation to the court for further proceedings. Individuals who are facing parole violations do not automatically return to prison; they have the right to a hearing before the sentencing judge to determine if they violated parole conditions and what the punishment for any violations should be.

The first parole hearing, which must occur within 14 days of detention, is to determine whether the individuals should remain on parole or whether they should remain incarcerated pending a second-level hearing. If they remain incarcerated, a second hearing is held to determine whether they should return to parole or have their parole revoked altogether.

A knowledgeable attorney in Pennsylvania may be able to defend parolees against allegations of a parole violation and make it more likely that they can remain on parole.

A parole violation can result in different sanctions, such as:

  • Increased drug tests or participation in an in-patient treatment program
  • Imposition of a curfew
  • Time spent in the Parole Violator Center
  • Completion of certain programs

If the judge sends parolees to the Parole Violator Center, they must remain in the Center for 60 to 120 days, during which they must complete a specific program. If they fail to complete the program within the given timeframe, then they will return to incarceration.

Get Help from a Pennsylvania Parole Violations Attorney Today

When released on parole, you are likely eager to embrace your new-found freedom and start rebuilding your life. Accusations of a parole violation can disrupt your plans and cause a massive setback in your life. If you are in this situation, a Pennsylvania parole violations lawyer may be able to assist you.

Do not allow a lapse in judgment to impede your progress toward the life that you want. Having a strong legal advocate on your side throughout any parole violation proceedings can be essential to obtaining your goals, both now and in the future.