Pennsylvania Federal Defense Lawyer

If you find yourself under federal investigation for white collar crimes, drug crimes, or other federal criminal offenses, you likely are scared, overwhelmed, and uncertain about your future. Being indicted by a federal grand jury is only the first step in a criminal prosecution that can have grave consequences for your future.

If you are facing federal criminal charges, you should strongly consider talking to a Pennsylvania federal defense lawyer for advice.

The Office of the U.S. Attorney, which prosecutes federal crimes, has tremendous financial resources with which to pursue those accused of wrongdoing. When you are up against the force of the federal government, you may wish to enlist the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend you. Knowledge and familiarity with the federal court system may be highly advantageous as you fight back against federal charges.

Commonly Charged Federal Criminal Offenses

Most criminal offenses are governed by state law, but some crimes develop into federal crimes, such as where drug trafficking offenses or child pornography offenses cross state lines. Other offenses fall solely in the purview of federal law, such as federal tax offenses, some drug offenses, RICO violations, and human trafficking. Some of the other most commonly charged federal criminal crimes include:

  • Cyber crimes and Internet-based sex crimes
  • White collar crimes, such as mail and wire fraud and embezzlement
  • Medicaid/Medicare fraud
  • Bank robbery and offenses committed on federal property

Federal criminal charges tend to be far more complex than state criminal charges. The potential penalties for these offenses also can be harsh, resulting in high fines and years in federal prison. For individuals who are facing federal criminal charges, consulting a federal defense lawyer in Pennsylvania may be crucial to a positive outcome.

Federal White Collar Crimes in Pennsylvania

White collar crimes exist under both state and federal law, but often end up in the hands of the Office of the U.S. Attorney for prosecution. These offenses typically do not result in violence or harm to others, but they do involve some deception for financial gain. Both individuals and businesses are susceptible to allegations of fraud, which can have severe penalties based on the value of the fraudulent transactions.

Federal fraud charges can involve complex financial transactions, such as those required when employees allegedly embezzle money from a business over many years or investment advisors who utilize improper investment techniques and schemes to defraud investors.

These cases often contain thousands of pages of documentary evidence and complicated financial moves that only skilled white collar defense counsel may be able to interpret.

As a result, it can be essential to have a seasoned defense attorney in Pennsylvania involved in defending against such serious accusations.

Federal Drug Charges

Large-scale drug operations are often a target for federal prosecutors. These offenses are eligible for prosecution at the state level, but the federal government often seeks to punish drug offenders at the federal level more severely. Once drug operations cross state lines or utilize mail or wire communications, they quickly become federal offenses.

Federal drug offenses may include allegations of drug trafficking, money laundering of drug transaction proceeds, conspiracy to distribute drugs, manufacturing, and cultivation of drugs, and asset forfeiture. The Federal Sentencing guidelines are harsh, and the federal government aggressively prosecutes drug crimes.

Having a robust legal defense in these situations is paramount to resolving federal drug charges as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Fight Federal Charges with a Pennsylvania Federal Defense Attorney

When you are facing federal charges, you may need legal representation by those who have the knowledge, experience, and resources to fight back against the federal government. Virtually any criminal offense may become a federal charge if it implicates interstate commerce in any way. A Pennsylvania federal defense lawyer may be able to assist in defending you against allegations of federal criminal offenses.

A federal criminal conviction may not only take away your freedom, but also your financial resources, after the payment of fines and restitution. Some federal convictions may destroy your career and ability to work in your field ever again, as well as limit your job opportunities in the future. With so many important issues at stake, legal advice may be vital to avoiding or minimizing some of these consequences.