Advice for Buying a Gun in Philadelphia

Firearms are strictly regulated in Philadelphia, and failure to follow proper procedures could result in criminal charges. Before purchasing a firearm, individuals should consider seeking the services of an attorney with gun experience. An experienced lawyer could provide valuable advice for buying a gun in Philadelphia, explain eligibility requirements, and advise on how to fill out appropriate background checks.

Firearms Eligibility Requirements

Before purchasing a gun, an individual should know the local ordinances that involve the transportation of firearms from one location to another, such as the place of purchase to a person’s home or place of business. Additionally, individuals should know that any sort of past commitment, arrest, or treatment for mental health, drug, or alcohol could make them ineligible to have a firearm. Purchasing such a firearm could lead to a conviction for a violation of the Uniform Firearms Act as a felony of the third degree. Prior to purchasing a firearm, if there is any question in a person’s mind, they should reach out and obtain the services of an experienced gun lawyer in the City or County of Philadelphia.

Licenses to Carry a Gun in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, the process to legally possess a firearm includes everything that is required under the State of Pennsylvania Rules and Requirements for firearm possession, as well as anything specifically required by the City and County of Philadelphia. In Pennsylvania, an individual with no prior record, no prior incidences of arrests involving drugs and/or alcohol, or any mental incapacitation can apply and, in most cases, will be granted a license to carry a firearm.

In addition, the City and County of Philadelphia has certain requirements for a carry permit or a concealed weapons permit when having a firearm in the City and County limits. In areas that are determined to be ‘cities of the first class’ in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia included), additional requirements do exist when dealing with firearms.

Therefore, when dealing with gun ownership and licenses in the City and County of Philadelphia, all requirements that are consistent with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania exist and an additional carry permit is required, even when firearms are carried on or about an individual’s person at all times.

Applying for a Gun Permit

When an individual who is otherwise eligible to have a firearm in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania desires to obtain a gun permit within the City and County of Philadelphia, they must apply for a license to carry with the Licenses and Inspections unit of the Philadelphia Police Department.

The City Ordinances must be adhered to, and City Applications must be filled out through the Office of Licenses and Inspections and the Philadelphia Police Department. The final review is with the Attorney General’s Office for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and they will decide if the applicant should be granted a license to carry. In cases where a license is granted, the individual must adhere to all rules pertaining to the license and keep the license and information up to date.

Appealing a Denied Application

When individuals are denied a license at the initial stage, they have the ability to obtain the services of a lawyer and file a gun possession permit appeal. That permit appeal will be heard by the Commonwealth Court in the county for which the appeal is being filed. That would be City Hall and/or the Criminal Justice Center in the City and County of Philadelphia. Additionally, all appeals must be in writing and must be argued in a fashion that is consistent and contradictory to any allegations that were listed in the appeal process that disallow the permit in the first place.

Consult with an Attorney Before Buying a Gun

An experienced lawyer could provide you with advice for buying a gun in Philadelphia. They could ensure your background check application is complete, and they could help you appeal a decision in case of denial. Call today to schedule a consultation.