Benefits of Working With a Philadelphia Gun Lawyer

Philadelphia County is among the strictest locations in the United States for prosecuting firearm defenses. When an individual is charged with a violation of the Uniform Firearms Act in the City and County of Philadelphia, incarceration, is often immediately looked at, even for first offenses.

If you were charged with a gun crime, you should reach out to a dedicated criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The benefits of working with a Philadelphia gun lawyer are numerous. An attorney understands the system and could negotiate a resolution that the court would accept.

What to do After an Arrest

The most common advice an attorney would have for a person involved in a gun law offense or an allegation of violation of the Uniform Firearms Act in Philadelphia and Philadelphia County is that they immediately contact an attorney.

The individual should never give a statement or explanation to police without an attorney being present. As the laws vary in the City and County of Philadelphia and possession is a major portion of a possible arrest and conviction for the violation of the Uniform Firearm Acts in a gun case, it is essential that a person not make statements that later could inculpate them in their acts.

Also, the individual should always cooperate fully with police while not giving any information directly to them. When dealing with an arrest for firearms, a heightened level of danger exists among police as well as individuals. Any sort of outbreaks or opposition at the time could cause things to get out of control. For safety purposes, a person should always cooperate while refraining from giving any statement or information.

Building a Defense

Not all individuals charged with firearms offenses are guilty of such an offense. Understanding what the courts accept as proper defenses and being able to develop a case offering evidence in support of that defense decision is one of the most important things that an attorney should be able to do. Putting a case together, giving the right recommendation on how to go forward, and getting the right result in a gun case saves the embarrassment of a felony offense on one’s record and the chance that a person could be incarcerated, even for a first offense. Authorities in the City and County of Philadelphia do not take gun offenses lightly, so those charged should not take them lightly either.

Benefits of Working With a Private Law Firm

Some of the benefits of working with a private law firm when facing gun charges include years of experience defending thousands of cases and obtaining hundreds of acquittals and even more positive resolutions for cases. Having a private law firm with all of its resources in gun cases is an important factor when looking for the right lawyer. Private firms have investigators in their office as well as social workers and other support staff to help develop the case in mitigation from the beginning. Obtaining video, audio, and photographic evidence is essential.

When defending a gun case, all avenues should be investigated because the consequences are high. Having the right tools and the amount of attention that a private law firm could put towards defending an individual is essential. Individuals get that knowledge and private treatment along with the research and time it takes to put together a defense. All avenues need to be looked at to get an individual charged with a gun case in Philadelphia City or County the right disposition of their case.

Call a Philadelphia Gun Attorney

If you were charged with a gun offense, you should seek out an aggressive defense attorney. One of the benefits of working with a Philadelphia gun lawyer is they understand gun laws and how they apply specifically to the City and County of Philadelphia. Understanding what local prosecutors are looking at, how police investigate these crimes locally, and how local judges sentence these crimes is immeasurable when determining the right lawyer. A local attorney with experience in gun law could advise you of your options, including fighting your case to the end.