Defending Against Philadelphia Gun Charges

Law enforcement generally treats any type of gun offense as a serious crime. A person who has been accused of such an offense should immediately seek legal counsel to begin defending against Philadelphia gun charges. If you or someone you care about is charged with a gun violation, contact a dedicated gun lawyer who could fiercely advocate on your behalf in court. Call now to start determining which legal course of action may be most effective for your case.

Advantages of Working with an Attorney

A person should hire an attorney to help them prepare a defense for a gun charge due to the hefty legal consequences they may face upon conviction. Guns are often dealt with in a manner that is much more severe than the average crime. Trying to navigate the complex legal system and make arguments at all stages of a court case is nearly impossible without the guidance of qualified legal representation. Understanding the courts, familiarity with the procedures of the police and prosecutors, and being able to negotiate in a proper fashion under severe pressure are just a few ways that a skilled attorney who is well-practiced in defending against Philadelphia gun charges can assist.

Protecting an Accused Person’s Rights

For matters in which police or other government officials may have violated a person’s rights in securing their person and their firearm, those issues must be raised in a pretrial fashion or waived at a later hearing. Individuals charged with gun violations are charged with serious crimes. One of the most effective ways a charged individual could protect themselves is by retaining diligent and competent legal counsel to help preserve their constitutional rights.

When Might a Diversion Agreement be Granted in a Gun Case?

In most cases, diversion agreements or diversionary programs are not available to individuals who possess a firearm in an unlawful fashion in the city and county of Philadelphia. Individuals may be granted diversionary programs under very limited circumstances and on a case-by-case basis. Having an attorney with the know how of when to reach out to the district attorney’s office and establish a case for a diversionary program is essential.

Individuals could get a diversionary program for a gun charge when the facts warrant that. In most of those cases, individuals would have had a valid right to have a license, made a minor mistake, or have a license to carry elsewhere, which, under the circumstances, may have been misinterpreted to have a firearm in Pennsylvania. There are also cases in which emergency circumstances may require an individual to have a firearm and these circumstances could be verified by police and the charging authorities. Additionally, issues come up with antique firearms after individuals inherit them and may forget to register them.

Preparing for a Trial for a Gun-Related Offense

An experienced gun lawyer could help prepare their clients for a gun-related criminal trial by launching an independent investigation to obtain evidence that helps support the accused individual’s claims. A lawyer could also assist by examining the validity of evidence submitted by the prosecution and potentially filing motions to suppress certain evidence. In many cases, the evidence collected by law enforcement may be obtained in an unconstitutional manner. An attorney who is familiar with defending against Philadelphia gun charges could swiftly file a motion to suppress such evidence and protect an individual’s constitutional rights.

Partner with a Lawyer to Start Defending Gun Charges in Philadelphia

After being charged with a gun violation, there may be many things racing in your mind. You may not know who to trust or who to turn to. However, a steadfast gun lawyer who is experienced in defending against Philadelphia gun charges could work to develop a credible legal argument on your behalf. Call today and schedule an appointment to begin discussing your potential legal options.