Constitutional Issues in Philadelphia Gun Cases

A case for a firearm offense is not always open and shut. In some instances, there may be constitutional issues in Philadelphia gun cases. To determine whether a case has constitutional issues, an accused individual should reach out to an experienced gun lawyer. They could examine the factors of your case and potentially work to demonstrate how law enforcement or the prosecution may have violated your constitutional rights. Call today and schedule an appointment to start reviewing effective legal defense strategies.

Potential Constitutional Issues That May Arise in a Gun Case

The most common constitutional issues in Philadelphia gun cases surround the initial reason for the stop of an accused individual and the search that took place afterward. In many cases, law enforcement may have lacked probable cause to stop a person or conduct a search. As a result, the alleged evidence obtained may be inadmissible to court due to an unlawful stop. A seasoned defense attorney who understands gun cases could review the grounds for stop and search to help determine whether constitutional issues are present in the case.

Impact of Constitutional Problems on a Firearms Defense

Constitutional issues could impact gun cases in Philadelphia in a crucial manner. Constitutional issues, if challenged correctly, could exclude evidence, such as a firearm or DNA, from a trial. If that is the case and that is the sole charge in the trial, the matter could be resolved in a pretrial fashion and an individual could have their case resolved or dismissed.

The constitutionality of a stop or search is often essential to the prosecution’s case. In a lot of situations, the constitutionality of a search or seizure is the only defense that a person has in challenging a gun possession charge in Philadelphia. The Constitution seeks to protect an individual from unlawful search and seizure in both their person and place of residency.

Benefits of Retaining Experienced Legal Counsel

Experience is a major factor that a person should consider when choosing a defense attorney or law firm. It is important for an accused individual to seek legal counsel that has fought hundreds if not, thousands of gun-related cases. Familiarity with how Philadelphia courts treat firearm cases may substantially improve the quality of an accused person’s defense strategy. Navigating the criminal justice system alone can be extremely intimidating and frustrating, especially for a person who does not know how to look for constitutional issues in Philadelphia gun cases. Partnering with a qualified attorney could help lift an accused individual’s burden and help formulate a comprehensive defense.

Consult a Lawyer to Identify Potential Constitutional Issues of Gun Cases in Philadelphia

With so many factors to consider in a firearm case, it may be highly beneficial to speak with a proactive gun lawyer. An attorney who is well-equipped to find constitutional issues in Philadelphia gun cases may significantly improve a person’s chances in court. If you or a family member are facing gun charges, schedule an appointment to begin assessing your potential legal solutions. Preparing early may strongly and positively impact your defense.