Building a Defense For Sex Crimes in Philadelphia

The following is information on how to build the strongest possible defense for a sex crime charge in Pennsylvania. To learn more about sex crimes offenses and give yourself the best chance at minimizing the harm of your charges, consult with a Philadelphia sex crimes lawyer today.

What Are Some of the Factors or Issues You Consider When Building a Defense?

Time, place and manner of an alleged sexual assault are key factors in any defense. Starting with the victim’s motive to lie and then when and where an event occurred a defense can be made for a sexual act. Did the victim immediately report what occurred to police? Were other individuals nearby? Did the victim call for help? Was there a prior relationship between the two? These questions need to be answered  and once that is done a defense can be built around the entire incident.

Are There Any Special Rules or Regulations Regarding Sex Offenses Unique to Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is unique in the prosecution of sex offenses in that these offenses are treated with a high level of care and carry harsh sentences. Philadelphia Courts have a special courtroom for these offenses and because of the often heinous allegations judges tend to treat those accused as guilty from the outset. Therefore an accused needs an experienced Philadelphia sex crimes attorney in their corner.

Why is Hiring An Attorney Early on in The Process Important?

Hiring an attorney is the most important thing an accused can do. Earlier the better. With an experienced Philadelphia sex crimes lawyer you may even be able to prove your innocence before formal charges are filed. This save embarrassment and a costly trial.

What Makes You Uniquely Qualified to Handle Sex Crime Cases?

For nearly two decades I have successfully represented hundreds of individuals charged with sex crimes. I have helped my clients get their lives back. Sex charges are unique because they carry a stigma even at the time of the allegation. By attacking a victims story from the beginning and making sure an accused’s story is heard a fair process and trial can take place. My clients know I am there for them all the way.

Why Do Clients Choose to Work With You in Sex Crime Cases?

My clients trust me and what I have to say about their case. Sex crimes are humiliating and knowing that I am your advocate and friend, not just your lawyer makes a difference. I bring common sense to their defense and a sympathetic understanding of what they are going thru. I work hard over hundreds of hours to insure the right result. I have obtained acquittals on every kind of sex crime there is and my clients know this and want me in their corner. I am there for them and that is the first step to repairing their life.