Important Things to Know If You Are Charged With a Sex Crime in Philadelphia

Sex crimes are taken very seriously in Pennsylvania, making it imperative that if you are accused of a sex related offense you take it as seriously as possible and build a strong defense. The best way to do this is by consulting with an attorney as soon as possible in the legal process.

What Are The Three Most Important Things Someone Charged With a Sex Crime Should Know?

A person charged with a sex crime in Philadelphia should know and understand their right to remain silent and their right to object to any DNA swab or scientific examination of the person. Once arrested an accused must be prepared to pay a likely bail and often be prevented, if released, from having any contact with the victim or others connected to the victim. In most cases there are family members and friends in common which can no longer be associated with the accused. With charges pending an accused may no longer even be able to pick up their own children from school or attend events involving children. Serious ramifications can hurt a person’s reputation. Seeking an experienced Philadelphia sex crimes lawyer can put a stop to all this. Putting your life back together is step one in the rebuilding process and having an attorney is your way to make this happen.

When Can You Contact a Lawyer?

You need to contact an attorney before the police come out and make an arrest. Once you are arrested it could be days before you could be in a position to hire proper representation. At the first sign of allegations seek out an experienced Philadelphia sex crimes attorney. An attorney can arrange for a lawful and non-embarrassing surrender and guide you and your loved ones through the bail process. Being home with your family is the first step in defending yourself and having the right lawyer on your side makes all the difference.

Is It Important to Talk to a Lawyer Before Talking to The Authorities?

Talking to a lawyer first about allegations of a sex crime against you is always the best option. A decision on whether to cooperate with authorities or give a voluntary statement can be made as well as whether a swab for DNA evidence is proper. A person may be proven innocent even before an arrest. This avoids the cost of a lengthy trial and the embarrassment that follows. Hiring an experienced Philadelphia sex crime lawyer from the beginning pays off a hundred times over.

What Are The Long-Term Implications of These Offenses?

The long-term implications of this charge tend to affect a convicted sex offenders future. Mandatory Meghan’s law reporting, length incarceration and probationary periods are only the tip of the iceberg. A conviction limits employment, employment locations, and even social rights. An individual convicted of this crime may be prevented from attending any event involving children even their own. The consequences are among the harshest in Philadelphia.