Philadelphia Sex Crimes Investigations

Our Philadelphia sex crimes lawyer can discuss sex crimes investigations and what you can expect if arrested for suspicion of committing a sex crime. To learn more about sex crimes or discuss your case call and schedule a free consultation today.

How Are Sex Crimes Investigated?

Sex crimes in Philadelphia are investigated by the Police Special Victims Unit in conjunction with the Department of Human Services and the Family Violence Unit of the District Attorney’s Office. All of these agencies work together to put an investigation before a Philadelphia Criminal Court. Therefore an accused must be aware that any evidence or statements given to any of these agencies can cause that person to become the target of a serious prosecution. To avoid this experienced Philadelphia lawyer should be consulted. No statement should be given without a thorough understanding of the sexual allegations and the means implemented by the government agencies to get a conviction. Let your attorney work for and protect you and your innocence. This is the only way an accused can avoid a life threatening conviction that can follow an individual for the rest of their life.

Are Investigations Common Prior to Arrest in Sex Crime Cases?

Investigations are always common prior to an arrest for a Philadelphia sexual crime. Investigations can last days, weeks, or years before an arrest is made. Anywhere from one to a hundred witnesses can be interviewed.   DNA and other scientific evidence is collected to link an individual to a crime. Medical evidence is also gathered by specialized doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and other hospital personnel to prove an accused guilty. With all these resources against an accused, it is essential that an experienced Philadelphia sex crimes attorney is on your side. Your rights matter and scientific and medical evidence if disputed correctly can lead to advantages to an accused and even an acquittal at trial.

What Happens After You Are Arrested For a Sex Crime?

When you are arrested for a sex crime in Philadelphia you are often contacted by the Special Victims Unit of the Police Department to come down and give a statement. This means arrest, not just a statement. Immediately contact an experienced Philadelphia sex crimes lawyer to advise and defend you. This can avoid you from giving a harmful statement and then not being prepared for what can be a costly defense and traumatic experience. Even a hearing for bail can lead to dire consequences. An experienced Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer can guide you throughout the entire process and insure that a Court treats you as innocent from the outset. This can lead to a reasonable bail and fair proceedings. This is the recipe for success and an acquittal.