Philadelphia Sex Offender Registry

If convicted of a sex crime in Pennsylvania, you may be required to register for the sex offender registry. A punishment with long term implications that can hurt both your reputation and professional life. Below, is more information on the sex offender registry and the impact it can have on an individuals life. To seek legal representation call today and schedule a consultation with a Philadelphia sex crimes lawyer.

What is The Sex Offender Registry?

The sex offender registry is maintained by the Pennsylvania State Police and individuals forced to report are determined by statute. Most Philadelphia sex crimes have the potential for mandatory registering and Meghan’s Law reporting.  An experienced Philadelphia sex crimes lawyer can resolve a sex crimes case in a manner that attempt to avoid these consequences. It is essential to understand the law and consequences of a sex crime. In order to protect your future a lawyer can be your guide. My office has successfully aided individuals in lawfully avoiding the sex offender registry of years.

Under What Circumstances Will An Individual Have to Register As a Sex Offender?

If an individual is convicted of a felony sexual assault or related sexual crime in Philadelphia registering as a sex offender is required.  Pennsylvania is a Meghan’s law state and as such reporting is mandatory. Individuals convicted of Rape, Sexual Assault, Indecent Sexual Assault, and Aggravated Indecent Assault are the most common that lead to required registering.

How Long Does An Individual Need to Stay on The Registry?

An individual may be required to register for the term of their probation, a specified term after a sexual assessment, or even for life set by statute.

How Can Being Listed on The Sex Offender Registry Impact the Remainder of an Individual’s Life?

Being listed on this registry can effect where a person lives, where a person works and what a person can do. In nearly all cases a person on the registry cannot socialize with children or attend locations or events that involve children. Should an individual move, this change must be registered with stand state police where new neighbors can be notified. The ramifications of registering are countless and can effect every part of an individuals life.

What Are The Long Term Implications?

The long term implications are countless. Loss of employment, loss of neighbors and social activities, loss of relationships with individuals who have children and embarrassment in general are only a few ramifications. Registering impacts an individuals life and future and everything possible should be done to lawfully avoid having to register as a sex offender.