Types of Sex Crimes in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, an individual can be charged with many different sex crimes in categories specifically designed to address both felonies and misdemeanors. Among the most prevalent charged in Philadelphia are the crimes of rape, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, and sexual acts or attempt to commit a sexual act upon a minor. In all these charges, the legislature has imposed severe penalties that may cause even first time offenders to face significant time in Philadelphia and State Prisons.

In fact, Philadelphia courts are likely to hold an accused without bail or an amount of bail that can easily be compared to a ransom. Therefore it is imperative from the outset that once the accused gets word of a possible investigation of a sex crime in Philadelphia, an experienced Philadelphia sex crimes lawyer should be retained.

Rape Charges in Philadelphia

Rape is the most common and serious sex crime charged in Philadelphia. Rape encompasses anything from a date rape situation to an alleged random sexual act of violence. Rape may be charged in any case that involves forceful compulsion or penetration to another however slight, without acceptable consent. Attempted Rape is even more commonly charged as any sexual act can cause an accused to be charged with attempted rape.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is also a very common sexually based crime charged in Philadelphia.  A sexual assault may have occurred when an accused is alleged to have made physical contact with another for purposes of sexual gratification. Sexual assault is treated very broadly as it may occur without significant force or penetration.

Aggravated Indecent Assault

Aggravated Indecent Assault is a sexual assault where significant force and penetration, like rape, is often part of a victims complaint. Aggravated Indecent Assault is charged in nearly every rape case as well as physical sexual abuse cases. This charged is also treated with harsh penalties regardless of an accused’s past record.

Mandatory sentences exist where certain victims like children, elderly, and mentally challenged individuals are alleged victims. Sentences ranging from 5, 10, and 20 years are often sought by Prosecutors and imposed by Philadelphia Courts. Crimes involving minors, the elderly and mentally incapacitated are at the forefront of Philadelphia prosecutions. Those charged with a sexual act involving these three protected classes often feels like they are treated as guilty even before their trial.

This is the reason why an experienced sex crimes Philadelphia attorney is required to protect an accused’s rights and essential to navigate such a difficult set of facts.

Can Sexting Be a Sex Crime?

Sexting is only recently coming of age in Philadelphia. It is most often prosecuted in situations involving school students and young individuals. If the text involves photographs of underage individuals or other sexual explicit materials many different crimes involving this sexual act can be charged. Endangering the welfare of a child and corrupting the morals of a minor are most commonly charged.

When your child receives such a text immediately contact an experienced Philadelphia Sex Crimes Attorney to learn your rights. Once such a text is forwarded to others, the charges can become more serious and may result in a felony conviction, so an experienced Attorney is you or your child’s first line of defense.