Ammunition Regulations in Bucks County

There are strict ammunition regulations in Bucks County. Before someone purchases or sells ammunition, they should ensure that they are doing it legally. If you are purchasing ammunition, it is critical that you obtain the ammunition in an above-board manner. The consequences for illegally possessing or distributing ammunitions illegally can be severe.

If you are facing charges for misuse of a firearm or illegal possession, distribution, or selling ammunition charges, it is essential that you attain a knowledgeable attorney. An experienced gun lawyer could advocate for you.

Restricted Ammunition

Bucks County follows the laws set forth by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, that is the State of Pennsylvania, as well as all federal gun laws. The federal gun laws specifically state which ammunition is legal and which is not.

Additionally, the state prosecutes cases involving certain types of ammunition which may, given a specific time, become legal or illegal in any specific time. It is the burden of the owner to be up-to-date on laws.

Unlawful Possession of Ammunition

Convicted felons are barred from possessing firearms, which means that if a felon illegally possesses or distributes ammunition, they are flouting ammunition regulations in Bucks County.

Additionally, individuals who may be authorized to have firearms but are breaking the laws about the way they use them or transferring the firearms cannot have the ammunition either. Mass stockpiles of the ammunition can also be a threat in other means and can be investigated by the government.

However, in and of itself, having ammunition in the presence of a lawful firearm is completely legal. Ammunition can only be illegal if it is prohibited ammunition that is set by local, state, or federal law.

State and Federal Policies

Individuals are not allowed to possess specifically restricted ammunition in any county throughout the State of Pennsylvania or federal law across the entire United States of America. The types of ammunition are defined by federal statute and are not allowed to be even sold and/or purchased by an individual within the United States of America.

Pennsylvania, as a state, also adheres to the federal policy involving guns and gun ownership as well as ammunition. If a gun is sold in Pennsylvania and is a legal, lawfully-owned gun, then the ammunition for such gun is also legal and lawful unless barred specifically because of things such as impact, explosive power, and/or the versions of having a weapon that can penetrate a body armor and things of that nature.

Restrictions on the Transfer of Large Capacities

Restrictions are set by local government, state government, and a federal government. If an individual purchases ammunition from a lawful seller, the lawful seller has the burden to only sell what is appropriate to a particular individual.

However, if a person is in the unlawful business of transferring illegal ammunition then the person can be and will be prosecuted both federally and locally. In those cases, which are often very rare, the courts often have big issues with individuals and/or companies that are involved and are illegally-obtaining and selling large amounts of ammunition on what would otherwise be known as the black market.

Purchasing Ammunition

A person can purchase ammunition for any lawful firearm whether or not the individual owns that particular firearm. In Pennsylvania, there is no such database that is kept that indicates what type of firearm a person may or may not possess.

Therefore, an individual who lawfully is able to have a firearm and a person who lawfully purchases allowable ammunition can buy any sort of caliber for any sort of legal gun in the entire State of Pennsylvania inclusive of Bucks County.

Tracking the Sale and Distribution

Generally, law enforcement does not track the sale and distribution of ammunition even though there are strict ammunition regulations in Bucks County. Law enforcement is not required to track or keep a log of any sort of ammunition and/or firearms that are particularly sold to a lawfully-abiding citizen. However, that is not to say that the federal government doesn’t see a red flag when individuals buy extremely large amounts of firearms or ammunition.

In those cases, the federal government may attempt to follow up on a purchase. However, generally speaking, lawful guns and lawful ammunition are not tracked throughout the entire State of Pennsylvania. In fact, laws exist that do not allow such tracking of lawfully-obtained weapons.