Common Gun Charges in Bucks County 

While firearms are a valid way to protect yourself, they can be dangerous if you do not properly observe local gun policies. When it comes to the regulation of guns in Bucks County, the penalties can be severe. Seek the guidance of an attorney with knowledge of common gun charges in Bucks County. A skilled firearm defense lawyer can use that knowledge to construct a defense that is most applicable to your case and can work to mitigate any of the potential penalties you may face.

Common Offenses

Some of the most common gun charges in Bucks County involve domestic matters and/or thefts, robberies, or stolen car  cases. It is in these cases that the crime of robbery is charged as felony to the first degree comes intolight with a firearm, the crime of aggravated assault charge as felony to the first degree comes to light to the court, and additionally the crime of carjacking and/or domestic violence graded as a felony to the first degree gets to the court’s attention.

In all cases, firearms come into play because they are held and used by a person not authorized to do so. Perhaps, the person is not licensed to have a firearm or is a convicted felon which prevents them from ever having a firearm.

Under both circumstances, the Pennsylvania sentencing guidelines look to impose very stern and high incarceration sentences for such an offense. Gun sentences can be mitigated in instances where those at fault are individuals who are lawfully using and carrying them. However, when individuals who, by law, are unauthorized to have a firearm or because of a prior record do not have a firearm, those individuals face very severe crimes and severe penalties.

Hunting Regulations

In Bucks County, only those who are unauthorized by law, statute, or otherwise to have firearms are prosecuted for firearms. However, if an individual is licensed to have a firearm or is lawfully hunting on grounds in Bucks County, firearms are legal. In those cases, even the commission of a crime can be a defense if the crime was not done purposely.

For instance, if an individual is lawfully hunting on grounds of Bucks County, fires a weapon and that weapon strikes another individual unintentionally, it can be a defense that the person is licensed to carry and acted in a reasonable manner. In those cases, a law-abiding citizen may not be committing the crime so long as the firearm is permitted and the individual is permitted to have such a firearm.

Transporting Firearms in Bucks County

In cases where individuals, who are licensed, transfer firearms across county lines, for instance from Philadelphia, Montgomery County, and then through Bucks County, a permit to carry such a firearm will exist throughout the entire county. That is because the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania issues a license that makes carrying such a firearm legal in the entire Commonwealth or state.

In those cases, a person can carry a firearm, county to county, without any repercussions because the person did not obtain the license in that specific county. Now, for out of state individuals, specific rules must be followed with an out of state license, if transporting a firearm from one location to another and crossing Bucks County line. In those cases, the violation of Uniform Firearms Act, Section 6106 and 6108 of the Pennsylvania crimes code define specific regulations which address the transport of items throughout the state and the specific counties of Pennsylvania.

Concealed Carry Ordinances

Bucks County has no local ordinances depicting when a firearm can or cannot be carried. Bucks County is under the jurisdiction of the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; that is the state rule. Under state rule, a person may apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon in the location where the person is residing. If the location is Bucks County, the requirements are set by the state on who can and cannot carry a firearm within that county. Local rules no longer exist when it comes to cities outside cities of the first class. For instance, in Philadelphia, there are additional requirements above the state requirements for the purchase and concealment and carry

Local rules no longer exist when it comes to cities outside cities of the first class. For instance, in Philadelphia, there are additional requirements above the state requirements for the purchase and concealment and carry of a firearm. Otherwise, the county of Bucks is governed specifically by the state of Pennsylvania.

Contacting a Bucks County Lawyer

When facing some of the common gun charges in Bucks County, the assistance of a local attorney can be indispensable.  A capable Bucks County gun lawyer will be familiar with how gun charges are prosecuted. An attorney can also examine all pertinent information in order to start building your case. If you face gun charges in Bucks County, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer.