What to Expect in a Bucks County Gun Case  

A legal process for a gun law offense in Bucks County can take anywhere from months to years to resolve. It depends on the facts of the specific case, the court’s availability, the prosecutor’s evidence, and any defense evidence that can be put together.

Having a relationship with an experienced gun lawyer in Bucks County can only offer assurance that the matter will be handled whether the Bucks County gun case is expedited or whether it is handled in a slower, more manageable fashion. With an attorney, you can expect a Bucks County gun case to be smoother and less worrisome.


Bucks County criminal lawyers with a proper knowledge of the system, the prosecutors, the police, and the courts should prepare their clients for all the different possible variations a gun charge in Bucks County could result in. Should the person allege self defense or defense of others and should an investigation show hard evidence, videos, and anything else that can help, an individual has the best chance of acquittal. Lawyers should explain the specifics of an individual’s case and how the gun laws apply to themselves.

Additionally, an attorney should also discuss any other defenses such as the Fourth or 14th Amendment, attacks on probable cause to search, or stopped individuals. In those cases, if mere possession of a firearm, if obtained unlawfully by the police without a warrant, then the gun charge will likely not stand during prosecution. One can expect numerous different ways to defend a gun case in Bucks County.

Refuting Evidence

The prosecution has the burden of proof in a number of different ways when dealing with gun charges in Bucks County. Cases often start with the prosecution, and they try to prove that they believe that a person was stopped lawfully, searched lawfully, and their vehicle or home or business was searched lawfully. Additionally, prosecutors would then have to show that the actual person had possession and/or constructive possession of the alleged firearm and whether or not the person was eligible to have such a firearm.

There are many exceptions that the prosecution must also take into account. With the right Bucks County gun lawyer by the person’s side, with the experience and awareness in dealing with gun charges, one can expect that it will become more difficult for the prosecutor or government to sustain their charges.

Important Factors

There are some other important factors to expect in a Bucks County gun case. Some of the most important factors when dealing with gun charges whether or not the firearm is operable by definition. Was the firearm specifically a firearm by definition, was stop and search of an individual reasonable, was there a warrant prior to searching specific locations, and was the firearm actually the firearm that an individual was specifically being arrested or indicted for?

Hiring a Lawyer

In a Bucks County gun case, reaching out to the right lawyer makes dealing with a severe gun case much more manageable. In some cases, hiring a Bucks County gun lawyer can lead to such charges to be withdrawn or acquitted at the time of the trial.