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Bucks County Failure to Yield Lawyer

Failure to yield at an intersection or traffic signal is considered a traffic offense. In Bucks County, an individual must follow all driving requirements established by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. An individual will be cited an infraction for not stopping at a stop sign, not yielding appropriately, or not stopping at traffic signals.

To learn more about traffic offenses in Bucks County, contact a capable traffic attorney right away. A Bucks County failure to yield lawyer can help give you peace of mind when facing traffic violation accusations.

Yield Regulations for Drivers in Bucks County

As a Bucks County failure to yield lawyer can explain, an individual is legally required to make a full stop within a short period of time that is visible to other operators on the road and to look both ways before proceeding through an intersection. When traffic lights are involved or other forms of traffic signals, an individual must make a full stop and look both ways, making them visible to the other operators before proceeding forward.

When an individual is dealing with a red light, a yellow light, or a yield light, they must strictly follow the rules because that is when authorities often set up traffic stops based upon locations where individuals have a tendency to drive through them.

What is Considered a Failure to Yield Offense?

In Bucks County, the right-of-way always goes to the vehicle on the right-hand side if all vehicles should come to a four-way intersection at the same time; vehicles to an individual’s right should always proceed first. This is a safe manner which will avoid vehicles colliding with one another.

Vehicles that have the right of way in their favor, and/or a stop sign or a yield sign in their favor, always have that right-of-way prior to any other vehicles entering an intersection or yield situation. If a vehicle is to the right of another operating vehicle and both vehicles enter an intersection or yield situation at the same time, the vehicle to the right always has the first right-of-way.

The type of driving behaviors that are considered failure to yield offense usually involves drivers who do not come to complete stops before determining whether they may proceed based upon a yield sign. Individuals are still required to make a full stop at a yield situation before proceeding forward.

When individuals fail to yield and continue driving on, accidents can be caused and traffic infractions and/or tickets can be written against the individual. While in most cases failing to yield does not render points on an individual’s license, if an accident occurs the individual can be found liable for that accident which could be considered due to careless and/or reckless driving.

Liability for Disobeying Traffic Signals

When an individual fails to follow proper traffic operating procedures and fails to yield or to give the right-of-way to the proper automobile, and as a result an accident ensues, causation will always go to the individual who has committed the traffic infraction.

This is important because when dealing with accidents in Pennsylvania, the police will require proof of insurance, proof of valid registration, and in most cases will interview all drivers to determine whether or not they feel that drugs or alcohol has been involved during the operation of a particular vehicle.

When there is an accident and an individual found to be at fault for failing to yield and/or any other traffic violation, that violation can be used against them when defending a civil case which, in most cases, will end in a judgment against them that must be satisfied before their driving privileges are reinstated.

What is the Role of Insurance Companies?

Generally speaking, insurance companies are notified of all traffic infractions when an individual has been found guilty of them. The State of Pennsylvania keeps this information in a database which is available to all insurance companies registered within the state.

When an individual is found guilty or culpable of a traffic violation, insurance companies are notified which can affect the individual’s rates and/or accumulated points against their record. Individuals who do not defend their cases and merely plead guilty to a citation in the court do not give themselves the ability to prevent insurance increases or negotiate charges lower than the original citation.

Potential Penalties and Consequences Associated With Traffic Violations

Consequences associated with failure to yield often include points against the individual’s driver’s license. Once an individual reaches the maximum number of points against their driver’s license for their particular state, the individual automatically loses their license for a period of time.

Consequences also come in the form of fines and costs that are levied against the individual and if these fines or costs are not paid, every time an individual is stopped, their license is determined to be invalid, and a new citation will be issued for operating a motor vehicle while suspended and additional fines, costs, and suspensions will be assessed.

Therefore, under these circumstances or any other similar circumstances, an individual should dispute all traffic violations in Bucks County and make sure, through the aid of a Bucks County failure to yield lawyer, that all requirements are met so that their license and ability to drive is not affected.