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License Suspension in Bucks County

There are several ways that someone can receive a license suspension in Bucks County. This is why it is essential that all drivers know the rules of the road in the Commonwealth of Pennslyvania. If you have had your license suspended, you are missing out on the many privileges that driving can bring. For more information on license suspension in Bucks County, contact an experienced lawyer today.

Common Causes of License Suspension or Revocation

The most common causes of license suspension or revocation in Bucks County involve individuals who have convictions for driving under the influence and individuals who are habitual speeders or aggressive drivers. Individuals who are convicted of DUI must deal with mandatory license suspensions from one year up to 18 months, or more. If an individual accumulates points within a seven-year period in Pennsylvania for a specific number of acts in violation of the Motor Vehicle Code, that individual receives a license suspension every time they reach a certain level of points on their license and/or a specific charge of the citation that they were found guilty of.

Suspension from a DUI

There is a mandatory minimum license suspension in Pennsylvania of a conviction or even a non-conviction under the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Program for DUIs. This is part of the minimum mandatory statute that applies in the criminal courts and is adjudicated by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Should an individual be convicted of DUI, a license suspension comes into play, even in Diversionary Programs where a person may not ultimately be convicted but is accepting responsibility for their actions. In this situation, they may receive a 30, 60 or 90-day license suspension.

Getting License Back After DUI Charge

A person convicted of DUI loses their license for a period of time and their license is up for renewal, they must obtain a license restoration letter from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and pay their license restoration fee to the Department of Transportation. If the license suspension has been completed, all fines and costs paid, and all classes ordered by the court have been completed, a person’s license is reinstated.

Failure to Pay Fines

In Pennsylvania, should an individual fail to pay the costs of traffic violations, their license will remain suspended until those fines and costs are paid or there is an arranged payment. All fines and costs associated with driving under the influence must be paid in full before a license can be reinstated. Also, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation must be given proof that all fines and costs associated with the criminal matter have been satisfied. Someone attempting to drive while unlicensed will face even more severe penalties.

Challenging License Suspensions

Like any other charges, a license suspension in Bucks County is fought at the Magisterial District Court level. For criminal convictions, only winning the criminal charge can play a role in effectively trying to get an individual’s license reinstated without suspension. In all other cases, a person must serve their suspension prior to their license being reissued and made legal. Individuals can challenge the findings of the criminal court only in that they fight the criminal charge at the Magisterial District Court level. The individual can file an appeal with any conviction or verdict of guilty in a traffic citation offense.

In either case, the Court of Common Pleas will make a determination on whether or not a person’s license was properly suspended and when the person is able to apply or reinstate their license by the legal standard. Having an accomplished attorney can help someone challenge driver’s license suspensions.

Protecting Driving Privileges

To protect your driving privileges and avoid a license suspension in Bucks County, you should abide by the motor vehicle laws. Should a person violate, or at allegedly violate these laws and receive a motor vehicle infraction, hiring an attorney with experience the ability to defend such a case is essential. Defending a motor vehicle violation plays the most significant role in protecting a person’s right to operate a motor vehicle legally. Fighting all motor vehicle traffic infractions, not allowing infractions to accumulate to the point level where it is an automatic suspension, and avoiding major infractions that carry immediate license suspension, are among the most important cases that an experienced Bucks County traffic lawyer handles.