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Bucks County Speeding Offenses

Having to deal with Bucks County speeding offenses could be very frustrating, especially if you are unaware of the speed limits in a specific area. Speed is recognized and set by the state on a state-wide basis, however, some local roads could be mandated to different speed limits as long as they are clearly marked and visible.

Speeding consists of going over the speed limit by a specific amount and could be anywhere from one mile over to an unlimited number of miles over the speed limit. A skilled traffic attorney may know how to properly handle a speeding offense and help in your case. Contact a Bucks County traffic lawyer today to learn more about speeding offenses and how to combat them.

Standard Speed in Bucks County

The standard speed limits in Bucks County are consistent with what is marked on specific roads as well as consistent state-wide throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The street limit for an unmarked street could be around 30 miles an hour. In some location, they could be as high as 50 miles an hour. Expressways and highways are governed specifically by the state and may be well-marked.

Tools and Tactics to Determine Speed

Bucks County law enforcement officers could use all of their resources available when determining speeding violations or traffic violations, specifically radar equipment. The use of aerial planes and helicopters may come into play as well depending on the situation. Being able to challenge such means and having one’s own resources for defense may only aid individuals in defending their traffic violations in Bucks County.

Types of Bucks County Speeding Offenses

Bucks County follows the same types of speeding offenses that the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania follows. Most speeding offenses could be negotiated to five miles over the speed limit so that an individual may not face heavy fines, license suspension, or points against their license.

Some common speeding offenses are:

  • Drag racing
  • Careless driving
  • Reckless driving

Speeding often leads to a traffic offense and could even lead to criminal offenses, with the potential of harsher penalties.

Prevalence of Speed Related Charges

Speeding-related charges are the most prominent of all Bucks County traffic stops and may carry some of the highest consequences depending on the level of speeding. They could be everything from five miles over the speed limit to 50 miles or more over the speed limit.

When it comes to DUIs, speeding is the most common reason to stop accused individuals who are committing driving under the influence. This offense may be the first reason an individual is stopped by a police officer, as it could show signs of reckless driving and potential intoxication.

Circumstances That May Result in a Bucks County Traffic Stop

Drivers in Bucks County could be pulled over for going one mile over the speed limit since any number over the limit is grounds to be stopped. Any specific number that is above the general speed limit or below under certain circumstances, if marked as the minimum speed and someone is below that, is requisite to stop a vehicle.

Bucks County does not use the five-mile-an-hour speed limit in one way or another to deter or disallow a motor vehicle stop. In Bucks County speeding offenses, the transgression could be reduced to five miles over the speed limit to avoid points or consequences. A seasoned attorney may be able to negotiate this on behalf of the defendant.